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What A Public Transit Pass Costs In Every Major Canadian City

Maybe we should all move to Regina.
What A Public Transit Pass Costs In Every Major Canadian City

I often hear Montrealers complaining about the price of our monthly OPUS card. Don't get me wrong; if you're not a student, those things are pricey. But if you quickly compare to the rest of Canada, it seems like we're pretty lucky. Especially considering that our transit system includes subway and bus. 

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The only other cities in Canada that have a subway system are Toronto and Vancouver. The rest of the major Canadian cities only have a public bus system, and the monthly passes are still expensive! I start to feel better about our $85/month bus pass when I see that a city like Ottawa - that only has a bus system - asks you to pay almost $120/month for a just a bus pass!

With that said, it looks like Toronto came out on top for the most expensive monthly pass at $146/month and Fredericton is the cheapest at only $80. Looks like Montreal is a close second!

* All the prices here reflect the basic monthly pass for adults.*


Monthly pass: $95


Monthly Price: $103


Monthly Price: $92


Monthly Price: $100


Monthly Price: $116.50


Monthly Price: $146.25


Monthly Price: $85

Quebec City

Monthly Price: $88.50


Monthly Price: $80

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