What Actually Happens On A Girls Night Out

We're all guilty of #7.
What Actually Happens On A Girls Night Out

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means. #Joverse

Or maybe some of you actually work on Wednesday mornings, so you keep the fun for the weekend. Fair enough, luckily for me (and my best friend) we have Wednesdays off, which means we get the party started early on during the week.

And although we've made it very obvious, guys still don't understand what it is girls do on a girls night out.

To them, they don't understand the point of going out for 3 hours to simply take pictures and have one or two drinks. It's beyond their understanding. So they've convinced themselves that we are on a mission to hit on as many guys/get as many drinks as possible in those few hours. Which by the way, is far from what we're actually doing... A typical girls nights goes a little something like this:

1. Going for sushi and martinis prior to hitting the club

 2. Taking lots of snapchats of our food during the dinner

3. ...and selfies

4. Jamming to Justin Bieber on our way to the club #Sorrynotsorry.

5. Skipping the line because we're just girls

6. Taking 10 pictures of each other alone, for Instagram

7. And then getting some random guy to take pictures of us together, for Instagram

8. Start the night with a glass of wine, (or 5 shots)

9. Tell the guys that are trying to pick us up, that we're in a relationship with each other #lesbihonest

10. Get more drinks

11. Take more pictures, until you've got the perfect one to post

12. Leave the club around 2 am feeling satisfied with our extremely fun night out! (or perfect picture to post)

13. And of course, ending the night at McDonalds because #doublecheeseburgers.