What Difference Does It Make: A True & Touching Documentary

A film about making music.
What Difference Does It Make: A True & Touching Documentary

This month, Red Bull Music Academy celebrates its 15th birthday. In light of the anniversary, they've combined forces with award- winning  director, Ralf Schmerberg to bring forth a feature film about music. Today, Red Bull Academy's production, 'What Difference Does it Make? A Film About Making Music' will premiere world- wide, in over 65 cities and online.

Featuring over 20 music icons such as Trouble & Bass, Star Eyes, Just Blaze and Ken Scot, the documentary explores the behind- the- scenes world of music.  'What Difference Does it Make? A Film About Making Music' exposes  several challenges and conquests that music producers encounter.

Alongside this incredible documentary, for its 15th anniversary, Red Bull Academy introduces 'For The Record', a book which features various conversations with icons that have shaped the world of music, and the way we listen to it. 'For The Record' includes discussions with well known personalities such as Martyn Ware and Nile Rodgers. The book is a must- read as it provides insight on the century's most meaningful and relevant subjects, and how they will impact the development of music production. 

To find a screening of 'What Difference Does it Make? A Film About Making Music' near you, click HERE

Be sure to check out the Montreal's Facebook event HERE, and the global event HERE

To buy 'For The Record', click HERE

Watch the trailer of  'What Difference Does it Make? A Film About Making Music' and get excited!


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