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"What Does the Fox Say" Is A Mind Fvck Of Epic Proportions

Shirtless men, gals in animal costumes and hilarious lyrics all in one video.
"What Does the Fox Say" Is A Mind Fvck Of Epic Proportions

Everyone knows the cow goes moo, the frog croaks, and cats meow, but what does the fox say? This age-old question (at least it could be) has piqued public thought through the breakout viral hit 'The Fox' by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, and the answer is far from what you'd expect. To say the video is a little silly is an understatement, as the song ACTUALLY begins with  the noises animals make...which then leads into a trippy outdoor dance party. Yup, kindergarten lessons and electronic music have finally joined forces to make a YouTube sensation.

Picking up on the inherent ridiculousness of Ylvis' song, Abercrombie and Fitch has released its very own parody video. 'What Does the Fox Say' by A&F actually keeps a lot of the original lyrics, pretty much because they're funny enough not to even change. Throw in some hot models and Thriller-inspired choreogrpahy, and you have a recipe for musical-comedy success. Check it out below.

If you're a fan of the parody, or the original, good things are in works. Ylvis has just signed a major record deal with Warner Music Group. Hopefully we'll get more answers on the animal kingdom from the new musical duo.

Think the parody was hilarious, or was the original video funny enough? Is Ylvis just a comedic act or a legit music wonder? Post your comments below.

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