What $1,000,000 Homes Look Like In Every Major Canadian City

From mansions to small apartments
What $1,000,000 Homes Look Like In Every Major Canadian City

Nowadays, millenials are lucky if they move out of their parents' house. It's even more rare to find a millenial who has their own property. 

This is particularly true for those who live in a Canadian city, where costs can be outrageous! With sky-rocketing  real estate prices, it's difficult for Canadian homebuyers, who don't have many options when living in an urban centre. 

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For those who would like to daydream (or if you have the money), we've listed what $1,000,000 can buy you in each major Canadian city! There are two listings per city to give you a rough idea of what that city can offer you for that kind of money. 

All of these homes are listed for between $1,000,000 and $1,100,000:


This luxury single-family condo is located in the up-and-coming Griffintown area. The beautiful condo was built in 2013 and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This newly renovated 2-storey home is georgeous and located on the outskirts of Montreal. This lovely home was built in 1977 and includes 7 bedrooms, with 3 and a half bathrooms.


This brand new apartment is right in the Fashion District, near the extremely busy Queen Street. You can expect to get all the newest features, including updated appliances, stone surface counters, and a cute balcony. But don't expect a lot of space, since this apartment is only 866 Sq. Ft.

With this single-family 2-storey home you have plenty of options! Either invest, live in 1 suite and have a tenant, or use the entire space for yourself! With this place, you have an unfinished basement, 3 bedrooms, and a huge outdoor patio.


A beautiful single-family apartment that was built in 2007 and includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with tons of amenities like a gym, and steam/sauna area. Close to many amazing spots like the Science World, Rogers Arena, Seawall, and Chinatown. You will also get a bonus of 2 parking spots.

This single-family apartment is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Close to Stanley Park, the Seawall and Coal Harbour. The apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, huge ceilings and 947 square feet of space.


This spacious single family home was built in 2012, contains a detached garage, a huge kitchen, and a finished basement. On a quiet street, you'll be able to enjoy your patio with minimal interruptions.

This single family, 3 storey duplex has a modern and updated look. Located in a quiet and popular neighbourhood (West Hillhurst), this amazing space is huge with 3,200 square feet and both 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms!


This single family, 2 storey home is filled with natural light and contains 4 bedrooms in the luxury Westboro area. A fun place to enjoy the rooftop patio, mid-size backyard and a luxurious fireplace.

This 2 storey, single family home is located in the St. Claire Gardens neighbourhood. This home has it all: a huge spa like bathroom, theatre space, and a wine cellar!


This 2 storey single family home is truly one-of-a-kind piece with million dollar views. Unlike any other space, you'll also be on 1-3 acres of land, where you're right near the beach and can spot whales from your house!

This stunning 3 storey single family home is extravagant and has four finished levels, along with an outdoor pool. A Victorian-styled interior with a wood burning fireplace, gourmet kitchen, and spacious bedrooms, only for $1,000,000!


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