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What $500,000 Homes Look Like In Every Major Canadian City

The perfect new home awaits!
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What $500,000 Homes Look Like In Every Major Canadian City

It can be pretty difficult for young people to make their first real estate investments.

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This problem is particularly acute in Canada, where prices are among the highest on the continent. With few urban centres to choose from, first-time Canadian homebuyers can find themselves in a tough situation.

To help out your search for a new home, we've listed below what $500,000 can get you in each major Canadian city. The two listings for every city will hopefully give you an idea about how far your money can get you.

All of these homes are listed for between $480,000 and $500,000:


This single-family townhouse in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal was renovated in 2011. The beautiful two-story structure includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This condo directly across from Parc La Fontaine is in a building built in 1885. The carpentry and grand staircase are exquisite. This grand abode has three bedrooms and two separate balconies.


This condo near Kensington Market is a cramped one-bedroom but includes a shared balcony and easy access to a TTC streetcar. The building also has underground parking.

This condo adjacent to the distillery district is bright and cozy! There is also a Starbucks just downstairs!


This incredible condo adjacent to the downtown is an inredible offer in a city famous for its sky-high prices. The one-bedroom apartment is bright and spacious despite its minimal footprint. Huge windows also command an impressive view of the surrounding area.

This ground-floor condo a little further east offers a little more space. The condominium complex also includes a garden and recreational centre.


This corner condo in a high rise with an incredible view of downtown Calgary. It also comes with two (!) parking spaces.

This giant two-story townhouse is right next to Pierce Estate Park and the Bow River to the east of downtown. The three-story two-bedroom structure also has an attached garage.


This spacious row house has three bedrooms and lots of charm. Built in 1895, the house features exposed brick walls. It also has a family room separate from the living room.

This modern condo is down the street from the Canadian Museum of Nature. It has two bed rooms and two bathrooms. The condo building also has a recreation centre.


...ok Halifax is hardly a major city. But it is a burgeoning urban centre drawing thousands of young Canadians for its incredible prices!

This giant condo has sweeping views of the Halifax Common. Its rooms, including two bedrooms, are huge and it comes with underground parking.

This charming single-family house west of the downtown. The inside is also stunning. It has three whole bedrooms, a garage, and spacious lawn. Can you believe you can get all this for only $500,000??

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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