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What Drinking A Gin & Tonic Says About You

We've all heard the rumour that only psychopaths drink gin.
What Drinking A Gin & Tonic Says About You

What you drink says a lot about you. Don't believe me? Just compare your friend whose go-to drink is dep wine straight from the bottle and your friend who regularly crafts elaborate cocktails like Mosow Mules.

The gin and tonic is one of those drinks that is divisive by nature. Though the name suggests a simple, two-ingredient cocktail, in reality it is a lot more complicated than that. From the kind of gin and tonic you use to what toppings you include, each component of the delicate, refreshing drink says a lot about who you are as a person.

Tell me how you take your gin and tonic, and I'll tell you what kind of person you are.

First of all, the fact that you like gin is telling. A 2017 study correlated liking bitter food and drink like gin and tonics to being a psychopath. I'm just gonna leave that there.

If you're just filling a glass with a ton of gin and a splash of tonic, you're probably about 15, and you're doing the best you can with the gin you stole from your parent's liquor cabinet.

You have no idea what gin is because you normally drink Smirnoff Ice, and this is the first recipe you found when you googled "how to drink gin."

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The topping you choose to add to your drink also says a lot about you. If you're a slice of cucumber kinda gal, your parents paid for your university tuition so you're rich enough to waste fresh produce like that.

The same goes for people who use the fancy tonics for their drinks. I see you, and I respect you, because those Fever Tree tonics DO taste way better. But who has $8 to waste on fancy water?

If you choose to top your G&T with lemon, you're just wrong.

And if you add any other liquor or syrup in your cocktail, congrats! You're the kind of person who wants to watch the world burn. 

No matter how you take it, there are some universal truths about your choice of drink and your personality that your date will pick up on.

People who drink gin and tonics are usually pretty simple, down to earth people with no frills (aside from the ones that are psychopaths). Ordering a gin and tonic means that you’re a classic person who will choose a tried-and-true drink over anything too out-there.

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