What makes someone physically beautiful? Based on Western society standards, a slender, curvaceous body with coloured-eyes and small features.

But did you know there's an actual mathematical formula called the "golden ratio" which proves on a scale from 1-10 how beautiful you are. In short what it says is a beautiful person has proportionate features. For example, the length from your lips to your chin must be the same as the length between your eyebrows and hairline. If you need an idea of what that might look like, Angelina Jolie scored 9.2/10, the highest ranking in the world.

Although it has its perks (not that I would know), like getting free stuff without asking for it - or getting out of a ticket, or two, or three, or having a flock of people always wanting you around... It can be exhausting.

Not only that, but it can also get to your head which is even worse.

1. You get attention for doing NOTHING.

Part of our culture idolizes woman who don't add anything except more images on google, and Instagram selfies. But, they get likes, the online currency, which eventually turn into real money. By praising these people, we are giving them importance. And of course, monkey see, monkey do.

2. People are so used to you looking dolled up every time they see you that you need to maintain it.

It can be very exhausting to look like you're going out, every single day. Sometimes you just want to put on a pair of sweatpants and pull your hair back - and then when people see you they act like you're on a hangover "had a rough night?". No, I actually look like this in real life.

3. It makes you lazy.

Why would you have to work so hard, when you can work a little less hard and then get the exact same compensation? I'll give you an example. I presented a horrible speech in class the other day, and my teacher (who favours me), was praising me the entire time. But if you heard the context, it was unorganized and messy. By encouraging this behaviour, the person thinks they can do it again. There is no room for improvement, which results to no personal growth.

4. People assume you're stupid.

Obviously, I mean how can you possibly look like a 10 according to standards AND score 180 on the LSAT's? You must have a shitty personality, then.

5. They think you only date other pretty people... Or only rich people.

I have met so many girls in my life that are drop dead gorgeous, and the biggest geeks. They're corny and watch star wars- and it is so adorable. When you see them with the guy next door, others assume it's not normal that you could possibly fall for someone who doesn't drive a Mercedes or work at a Fortune 500 company. What if you actually liked them?

6. Your looks will eventually fade, what will you do then?

One day you'll wake up old and saggy. Looks won't matter anymore... You'll actually have to use your personality to charm others. Which is why people should stop searching for somebody who looks like a 10 and instead try to use 10% of their brain to build something more meaningful.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, let's not forget.