What Girls Look For When Visiting A Guy's Apartment For The First Time

I came upon this Reddit thread today, started by a gentleman who simply wanted to know what girls look for the first time they visit a guy's apartment. After reading through all of the comments and responses, as a girl, I was completely shocked to see just how clueless some guys were - like, so clueless. If you find yourself in the category of "I'm not entirely sure how to impress a girl with my apartment and would maybe like some help" here are 11 things that girls will notice when they come to your place for the first time.

1. The general cleanliness

Now, I'm not saying that your place has to look like you get a personal visit from Martha Stewart every day, but maybe pick up a vacuum and bust out the bathroom cleaner once in a while.

2. The smell

While an apartment can look as clean as clean can be, if it has a weird smell, I'm out. Febreze really isn't all that hard to buy.

3. The bathroom essentials

You know, things like soap, toilet paper, an actual hand towel (aka something other than a most-likely-still-wet bath towel), and please, for the love of God PLEASE have a trash can.

4. If they have plants (that are still alive)

If they're responsible enough to keep something else alive for an extended period of time, that's usually a pretty good sign.

5. If they have a pet (that's still alive)

Like the plants thing, except even more impressive.

6. And, more importantly, how they take care of said pet

Do they keep the cat litter box near their bed? If yes, evacuate immediately in a calm and orderly fashion.

7. If they're sleeping on something bigger than a twin bed

Unless you're living in a dorm room or an incredibly tiny student apartment, there is no reason for a grown man to be sleeping in a twin bed.

8. Whether or not the territory is marked by another girl's things

Things like bobby pins, earring backings, hair ties...you know, the usual red flags.

9. If things have been hung on the walls

Walking into an apartment with completely blank walls has, for lack of a better term, a little bit of a serial killer-y vibe to it. What was your decor inspiration, sir? A hospital ward?

10. And what exactly has been hung on the walls

Photos of you and your friends/family? Cute. An 8.5x11 framed photo of just you? Kiiiinda creepy.

11. If there's a lack of furniture

Much like the wall hangings thing, if a guy has essentially no furniture, it can start to make you questions some things. Like 'Why don't they have furniture? What could they possibly need all this room for? Sacrificing virgins, perhaps? Welp, I'm out.'

12. The stolen piece of public property

If you're under 25, it's fair game - it's every young man's right to steal a street sign or traffic cone at some point. But if you've surpassed that 25-year-old mark, it's time to throw that thing away - you just look silly.