What Would Happen If "The New Yorker" Were Set In Montreal

Creative exhibition explores the possibility.

How would a Montreal magazine with a similar sensibility as the New Yorker capture the spirit of its city in its covers? This is the question that a unique exhibition has set out to answer.

The event covers various styles and schools of art, including minimalism and cartoon.

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The variety of themes that have been captured range from the provocative to the light. In the former is an image of a woman in a burka; in the latter, a squirrel scampering off with a bagel.

There is also a picture of the iconic Molson Brewery smoking a cigarette.

Montreal is only the latest city to hold such an event. Previous exponents of the idea include Le Parisianer and The Tokyoiter.

In all, the exhibition features 52 illustrations, and runs until Jan. 14 at Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal.