What He Really Thinks About Your Number

What do you tell him?
What He Really Thinks About Your Number

Yes, that number. Let's just throw it out there - wearing a white dress on your wedding day is done more for the show (and because it makes us look like princesses) than because we are virgins on the day of - and that's okay. For the ones who do plan on keeping it for the big day, GOOD FOR YOU! You make me proud. But according to studies, the average age for a female to lose her virginity is: 17 years old. 

So let's do a quick calculation here. Let's assume you've been in one serious relationship that lasted 2-3 years, now you're 20. You stay single for the course of university and your semesters abroad in Europe, now you're 24. Let's calculate one guy per semester. We'll average it out at 5 guys a year. Now we're at 20 guys for those 4 years of studying and partying.

Scenario #2: You stayed with the first relationship for 4-6 years. You serial dated for about a year, and then met someone else, and got married to him. So your number isn't very high, we don't care about yours, you can tell him the truth.

Scenario #3: You've never settled with anyone for longer than 6 months. You started at 17. Now you're 26 years old. That's 9 years of... Okay wait now this is getting too... um...

If you're confident with your number, and believe there's nothing wrong with being sexually open, then by all means, go ahead and tell the truth.

I've asked 10 different guys (by different I mean as extreme as North and South in mentality). Here's what they think of your number, and why you shouldn't be so scared to admit that you were a wild thang (past tense, of course).

1. "Anything higher than 20 is off limits for me, unless she's really spectacular" - Age 28

2. "Depends how high the number is" - Age 21

3. "As long as it's not over mine, we're good. I don't think I could date someone who's been with more guys than I have girls" - Age 19

4. "[if it's really high], I would still date her, just not seriously" - Age 28

5. "I really don't care about her number. As long as she doesn't have any sexual transmitted diseases" - Age 42

6. "The more the better, it means she knows what she's doing" Age 31

7. "As long as I don't personally know any guys she's been with" Age 29

8. "I don't want to know" - Age 26

9. "Numbers mean nothing" - Age 35

10. "If I'm dating her seriously, I want to know how many guys she's been with before me...Even if I don't like the answer" - Age 25