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What I Think Of Montreal Women

Finally spilling the beans.
What I Think Of Montreal Women

After living in Montreal for the last 15 years, I can finally say that I got a good taste of what it is to be a Montreal woman. I've also gotten quite comfortable with the local mentality. I'm proud to call this city my home.

Even though it's wrong to generalize, I'd like to take a moment and sum up what I think of Montreal female representatives. So here it goes. Women, ladies, girls - this is what I truly think of you.

You're beautiful

Montreal women are exceptionally gorgeous. I already anticipate the comment, "How dare you objectify women, Irina?" Just deal with it, I think Montreal women are attractive. I've written many articles about this. Here's one that showcases local women who are both smart AND beautiful, for example. That's a winning combination, my friends.

You're ambitious

Montreal women are business sharks. They're not afraid of pursuing their career goals and challenges. I've never met a Montreal girl who didn't succeed (or at least work on succeeding) in her area of qualification. Not even once. Did you read my article about Kimberly Lallouz, chef and owner of two successful Montreal restaurants? What an inspiration to women everywhere.

You're independent

Montreal women rely on themselves to get where they want to be in life. They understand that nobody owes them anything. It's so beautiful and empowering to see women who have their lives together, run businesses and choose to be with a life partner not because they need them, but simply because they love them.

You're stylish

Montreal weather can get really cold and nasty. For example, we're expecting freezing rain tomorrow. If you think this will stop our women from looking flawless, think again. We manage to look stylish and put together no matter what. It's a special talent.

You're artistic

I've always said that Montreal is the epicentre of art in Canada. We have so many art galleries, expositions, street art, museums, etc. Why? Because there's demand for it. Montrealers (and, consequently, Montreal women) LOVE art.

You're delicate

In spite of being independent, ambitious, and strong (both physically and emotionally) Montreal women manage to remain delicate, like flowers. Even though they can perfectly open their own doors, they still smile and thank the person who does it for them. Now that's the epitome of femininity.

You're sporty

Montreal is a sporty city. Everyone is active here. We have Bixi bikes, numerous gyms, hiking paths and other physical activities to choose from. "Lazy" is not part of our vocabulary. At least not on most days...

You're friendly

Montreal women are competitive when it's appropriate, but they believe in the idea of empowering each other. Don't believe me? I've attended the "ultimate Boss Girl Convention" last weekend and, let me tell you, women of all ages, races and nationalities were united under one roof with one simple goal - to praise and elevate each other. It was a beautiful experience.

You're hospitable

Hospitality is part of our culture. Montreal women love to make their friends feel at home when they come over. Serving food, preparing drinks (a lot of drinks) and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves is part of who they are.

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