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What If Montreal Was A Cartoon?

Citizen's and animals remade into cartoons.
What If Montreal Was A Cartoon?

Young or old, stoner or stickler, you probably love Adventure Time. The zany plots, adult-targeted one-liners, and huge cast of crazy characters make the show a favourite for all demographics.

Adventure Time is also iconic for its unqiue style of animation, a rudimentary style that blends basic and whimsical. Attention to detail isn't a major focus; bright colours and soft curves make the whole show look incredibly cartoony and fun.

Montrealer Maylee Keo decided to see what Montreal would look like, Adventure Time-style, and created her own piece called "Montreal Safari."

Obviously inspired by the well-known cartoon, check out Keo's work below and see what Montreal and its many residents would look like if they lived in the Land of Ooo (where Adventure Time takes place for all the non-fans out there)

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