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What If Montreal Was Turned Into A 5 Borough City?

A new organizational structure for the city.
What If Montreal Was Turned Into A 5 Borough City?

A Montreal divided into 19 boroughs with 103 elected officials is too dysfunctional, prone to corruption, and costly to manage, according to Diane Rodrigue, an ex-Montreal city official of 30 years.

In Rodrigue's experienced opinion, Montreal's many organizational mergers and divisions have created a flawed city-structure that actually promotes corruption and delays progress, as she told Le Devoir.

To combat Montreal's supposedly inefficient organization, Rodrigue proposes to merge existing boroughs based on variables like population, geography, and tax revenue.

The amount of elected officials would then be reduced to 31, eliminating 276 municipal positions, saving the city an estimated $36.6 million.

Take a look at Rodrigue's ideal organization for the city of Montreal through the coloured map below.

A one-time member of Team Coderre, Rodrigue apparently pitched the proposed reorganization to Montreal's mayor during his election campaign, who originally was interested in the plan.

Things have changed however, as Coderre now views the restructuring as "too draconian," meaning too harsh/severe, and nothing to do with Draco Malfoy...although I guess the two could pretty much mean the same. Draco was more than a little harsh.

Still, Rodrigue's plan would simplify the city's municipal structure and save a lot of money for Montreal. Maybe the mayor should reconsider his stance.

Should Montreal be 5 boroughs instead of 19?

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