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What If Montreal Was Under Water?

Exploring the possible realities of global climate change.
What If Montreal Was Under Water?

Climate change has left the mainstream media spotlight as a hot button issue (you did all you could Al Gore!) but that doesn't mean the problem isn't a threat to the world, no matter what a certain Texan think. Not exactly tangible, the effects of global warming don't seem imminently threatening, and its kind of understandable some people shrug off the issue. A visit to World Under Water will change that.

Taking the very real dangers of climate change and applying it to cities across the globe, Montreal included, World Under Water aims to show people just what can happen if we do not heed environmental warnings. Focusing on flooding and the likely changes to global sea levels, World Under Water shows you a planet where the world is quite literally under water due to global warming, hence the name.

A little scary and a tad depressing, World Under Water gives you a stark representation of what will become of Montreal if global temperatures continue to rise. Entirely interactive, you can input any address in Montreal (Google streetview style) and see what the area will look like if global ocean levels rise to dangerous levels.

Take a look around a World Under Water and see how your city will look largely underwater.

As a preview, we've looked up a few Montreal landmarks to show you just how not-cool it would be if the city was flooded as a result of global warming.

St. Laurent Street

Molson Brewery

Orange Julep

Place Jacque Cartier

Parc La Fontaine

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