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What It Costs To Buy A House In Every Major Canadian City

Discover if you can even afford a home.
What It Costs To Buy A House In Every Major Canadian City

Owning a house should be on the top of everyone's to-do list, because as Lex Luthor taught us (the Gene Hackman version, not Jesse Eisenberg's manic-hacker take on the character), real estate is one of the safest ways to invest your money.

Now, no one recommends causing a nuclear disaster in order to make a barren stretch of dessert into the "new west coast" like Lex would (watch the original Superman if all that went over your head), but you could buy a house in a major Canadian city and get in the real estate game.

The thing is, you need a fair amount of money to put a down payment on a house and get approved for a mortgage (unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars just lying around) and not everyone has that kind of income.

But before you get down on your salary, note that in certain Canadian cities, you may be making more than enough to get in on some prime real estate. Vancouver may be out of your price range but Quebec City could be the perfect fit.

So how much does it cost to buy a house in every major Canadian city? Apartment and real estate search engine website has answered that question in one easy-to-understand map infographic, which you can find below.

Comparing the yearly difference in each metropolitan housing market (so how much prices went up/down from 2015-2016), the map is also pretty handy in tracking which cities will be a better investment.

Below, you can find a quick rundown on the average cost of a house in most major Canadian cities (from most expensive to cheapest), with the detailed RentSeeker map following.

Vancouver: $1,093,267

Toronto: $688,181

Calgary: $455,220

Edmonton: $372,289

Ottawa: $362,918

Saskatoon: $336,425

Montreal: $336,138

St. John’s: $301,450

Regina: $300,148

Winnipeg: $281,269

Halifax/Dartmouth: $274,242

Quebec City: $262,031

Prince Edward Island: $165,693

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