What It Costs To Have A Cell Phone In Every Major Canadian City

No one has it easy when it comes to cell phone plans in Canada, as the nation is notoriously known as one of the most expensive countries for cellular service in the world. But while the country as a whole is charged through the nose for cell service, certain cities have it far easier than others.

Analyzing the differences in price for cell phone service rates across Canada, Wall Communications effectively found out which Canadian cities offer citizens the cheapest plans. The results will definitely surprise you, too, because if you want a cheaper cell phone plan, you'll have to head out into the Prairies.

Taking a look at Table A2.2 in the 2015 report commissioned by the CRTC, which provides a breakdown of unlimited nation-wide talk & text and 5GB of data per month plans for every major Canadian city, you'll notice how the price fluctuates as you move from eastern to western Canada.

Interestingly, and already alluded to, Winnipeg ($65.76) and Regina ($65.52) boast the cheapest cell phone plans in Canada, with the latter being marginally more affordable. Not exactly the most astounding metropolises in the nation, we kind of found this fact to be a bit surprising.

Speaking to Global News on the matter, President of Wall Communications Gerry Wall cites a simple reason for the far more affordable cell phone plans to be found in Winnipeg and Regina: competition.

Unlike most other cities, who only have The Big Three (Rogers, Telus, Bell) service providers to choose from, folks in the Prairie provinces have a fourth option, namely Manitoba Telecom Services. A telecommunications providers based in Manitoba (and Canada's fourth largest), MTS levels the playing field quite a bit.

To put it plainly, MTS has to compete with Bell, Rogers, and Telus, and to do so they have lowered their prices to attract customers. In doing so, the average cost for a cell phone plan in Winnipeg and nearby Regina is made much more affordable than Halifax, Vancouver, or anywhere else.

Montreal sits somewhere in the middle of the list, with $94.76 set as the city's average for a nation-wide talk & text plan with 5GB of data. But while Montreal may sit below most other major cities when it comes to cell phone service costs, we're a far cry from Prairie-prices. Maybe Videotron is influencing the rates just enough, but not quite as much as in Manitoba.

You can take a look at Wall Communication's findings below:

Halifax: $122.21

Toronto: $117.93

Vancouver: $117.65

Montreal: $94.76

Winnipeg: $65.76

Regina: $65.52

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