What It Is Like To Walk Alone The Streets Of New York City As A Man

Some would argue: disturbingly accurate.
What It Is Like To Walk Alone The Streets Of New York City As A Man

Man, it's hard being a man. Especially a white man. Getting paid more for doing the same job than women or other ethnicities, getting oh-so-many opportunities flung at your face on the regular, and let's not even get into all those other privileges afforded to white men simply for being white. It's tough out there, and thank the Lord (who is obvi a white man) that the video below finally points out our struggle.

Created by FunnyOrDie, the video documents one white man's walk through NYC for the span of 10 hours. Rude and crude passersby politely respect his authority, offer him jobs, and hand him Starbucks gift cards while screaming "buy yourself a latte with that card! Pumpkin spice season son!" Truly shocking and eye-opening stuff.

Okay, so unless you lack a single funny bone, I'll note the above was pure sarcasm and the video is actually satire. A spoof on the now-infamous "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" video, created to showcase the issue of street harassment, the man-centric version below does the same, pointing out the stark differences between the genders and the privilege held by the male gender.

Check out FunnyOrDie's "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man" below.

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