What It REALLY Feels Like When You Meet Your Soulmate

When you meet a new person, you often find yourself wondering - is he/she "the one"? It's absolutely normal to ask yourself this question. We meet so many people in our lives, yet very few actually touch us on a deeper level.

In 1822, Samuel Taylor Coleridge said: “To be happy in married life… you must have a soulmate,” and it has irrevocably started the "trend" of looking for a lover who can complete us in a mystic way. So what does it feel like when you meet your soulmate?

Instant connection

When the two of you first met, you felt like you knew each other from before. You just "got each other" right away.


You feel incredibly attracted to each other. It's beyond physical, it's also a strong emotional attraction. Chemistry is off the hook - even when you're not together, you can almost feel them.

Comfortable silence

You don't feel the need to constantly fill in "awkward silences." You feel totally comfortable even when you're not exchanging useless blabber.

You read each other's minds

You swear that you can actually feel what the other person is thinking sometimes.

You're not afraid of being vulnerable

You are not afraid of showing your vulnerable side. Stripping your soul naked and sharing your weaknesses comes natural to you.

You share the same goals and values

You share the same fundamental life philosophies and require the same things to be happy and fulfilled.

You're never jealous

Because you trust the other person 100% of the time.

Time stops when you're together

Nothing else matters when you're with each other. You can do the most boring activity together and still have a blast.

You laugh a lot


You can't imagine yourself with anyone else

You can't think of anyone else in a romantic way.

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