What It Was Like To Party With Dan Bilzerian In Montreal

A POV look inside of the V.I.P. zone.
What It Was Like To Party With Dan Bilzerian In Montreal

Everyone who bothered to click on this link probably already knows that Dan Bilzerian is in Montreal. You can see him here having dinner with with Harley Morenstein on Sunday night. People either find him entertaining, or they spend hours on social media commenting about how much they don't care about him, which is a little ironic. But whether you want to admit it or not, his life is far more interesting than the average person.

Bilzerian was at Beach Club yesterday doing what he does best and we got a video that was shot inside the VIP area by Avo Aboulian. So sit back and enjoy a little glimpse of what a pool party looks like when Dan Bilzerian comes to town.

Posted by Avo Aboulian on Monday, June 22, 2015

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