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What It's Really Like To Use Montreal's First-Ever Cuddling Service

'So do you want to spoon me? Or, do I spoon you?'
What It's Really Like To Use Montreal's First-Ever Cuddling Service

A video review inspired by our article on Montreal's newest cuddling service, has surfaced online and it confirms our suspicions – cuddling with a stranger can get awkward. While a brief interview with the founder of this service and self-titled “Guru Cuddler”, Mirza, attempts to prepare us for the sophistication behind the experience, we get to see firsthand how this service goes down - and it's pretty (in)tense.

The service begins (at 2:13) with female cuddler, Adnana, asking male host, Stephen, “do you want to cuddle standing up?” Making us all wonder, “isn't that just a hug?”

Well, it definitely looks like it. Regardless, we can appreciate the tenderness of the act, despite its name – remember, as Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”.

When male rapper turned cuddler, Staccato, arrives (see 5:34), the service gets... interesting, with a freestyle rap. As quickly as the cuddling begins, the cuddling ends, as female host, Davison, opts to cuddle with the female cuddler, saying:

You see, I have no problems hugging a girl, I don't even worry about this.

Even the cuddlers know this is a scary experience.

Staccato: “That's why there hasn't been a lot of male cuddling. Because, no female wants a male to come to her house, a total stranger, and do this. As you can see, I look threatening.”

So, why would we pay $80/hour for this service? Staccato answers this simply, saying:

You're paying me for an hour to be your best friend.

That's nice, but we don't all cuddle with our best friends. I guess we leave this to you Montreal. Have you tried it yet?

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