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What I've Learned From Partying "Hard" In Montreal

'You (too) probably have at least one hangover story...'
What I've Learned From Partying "Hard" In Montreal

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The closer I get to turning 25, the more I realize just how much I’ve learned since my teenage years, both professionally and personally. If I'd known what was waiting for me, there are probably a few things I'd have done a bit differently.

I’m not going to try to convince you to stay sober here, because that would be completely hypocritical! But still, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in these past years, it’s that partying responsibly is a lot more fun than we thought it was when we were younger. It's actually empowering. If only you knew how much better you look and how many problems you would avoid by simply not taking that one drink too many…

Take this as a piece of advice from a big sis (not trying to be your mom here) for what you need to remember/avoid to have the most fun and the least amount of regrets when partying in Montreal.

How much is too much?

Once you've overstepped your limit, it’s not only (very) unpleasant for everybody else, but it's no picnic for you either. Like me, you've probably got at least one hangover story that involves a headache, vomiting, or regrets about something you said or did that you NEVER would’ve done without those last few drinks. Don't be that girl who starts awkward dancing on the bar and calls her ex-boyfriend crying. Just don't.

Feeling like you can't say no

You don’t have to feel bad if you're not in the mood. Everyone's allowed to refuse a drink or opt out of the activity that’s being proposed. Make a joke out of it, or suggest something else instead! If your friends really care about you, they won’t make you feel guilty for not doing something you don’t want to do… right?

Thinking ''I've got this dialed''

Whatever argument you- or anyone else- try to come up with for this one, you won’t convince me. I mean, they're not called games of ''chance'' for nothing.

What's more, some game sites have been proven to give you a better chance of winning during free trial periods than when you actually betting cold hard cash. You know, so that you think you have a better chance of winning big or something!

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Water is your BFF

You insist on drinking all the beer you brought to the party? OK, fine. But let me tell you this: you'll feel a whole lot better tomorrow if you drink a glass of water or some other booze-free beverage between each one. You'll even have a better time if you alternate. And trust me, you do not want to be that person who sleeps next to the toilet all night.

Not planning how you’ll get home

So you go to this great bar with your friends in Montreal, it’s 3 a.m. and now you don’t feel like paying 40 bucks for a cab? Please don't hop in with someone who you know has also been drinking (even though they say they're good to drive). Sleep at a friend’s place, pick someone else as DD at the beginning of the night, you name it. Plan a.h.e.a.d.! Take it from someone who’s never risked losing her license or hurting someone else by getting into her car after leaving the bar. Horror stories can happen to anyone. Just saying.

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Mixing it up

Let's be honest, it’s fun to try new things in our twenties, but what's not fun is putting your life in danger! Mixing drugs, alcohol and energy drinks is always a bad idea. Chances are your body kind of freaks out when you take something that’s supposed to relax you, with something that perks you up and something that numbs you all at once!

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Not knowing what you're taking- or how it'll affect you

This ties into my previous point. Knowing what’s going into your body is as important for you as it is for those around you. Did you know that weed isn't exactly harmless? And that it’s actually impossible to know exactly what’s inside synthetic drugs (like MDMA or ecstasy)? Keep yourself informed, I swear you’ll make much better choices for yourself!

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Not budgeting for your night out

Whether it's a poker game or a pub crawl, it’s always good to set a monetary limit. For some, 20 bucks is enough. For your buddy who’s buying shots for everyone to celebrate his new job, $150 is a good limit. What’s important is that you’re not crying over the state of your bank account the next morning! Let’s be real here, drinks, drugs and gambling aren't exactly a good investment!

If you avoid these eight things, I promise that life will still be fun with a much lower risk of dealing with the consequences.

If you have any questions whatsoever about consumption or gambling, don’t hesitate to call Drugs: Help and Referral at 1-800-265-2626 or Gambling: Help and Referral at 1-800-461-0140.

You can also check out the Stay in Control website; whether for yourself or a friend, it’s always helpful.