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What Men Really Look Like In Designer Underwear Ads

The unrealistic expectations of the male body put on display.
What Men Really Look Like In Designer Underwear Ads

Everyone wants to look like an underwear model, or at least get with one. The sad reality is, most of us will never look that good, or get one in between the sheets. But is that part of the allure, wanting what we can't have? Or would people find 'real people,' those we see in everyday life and have an actual chance with, much hotter? Time to find out, at least for dudes.

The Sun did this by taking a photo shoot of everyday guys  replicating modern underwear ads. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other male beauties were given mundane counterparts to highlight how incredibly good looking/entirely unattainable their model bodies are. Each photo is equally funny and provocative, as the media's portrayal of male beauty is placed in stark contrast to how ordinary men actually look. Men are given equally unrealistic expectations of bodily perfection as their female counterparts. Ask any man who's tried to get a six-pack. Maybe its time men got some 'male body empowerment' campaigns.

See the photos for yourself below and let us know if you think the 'real men' or the models worked it better.

Source - The Sun

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