What Montreal Should Spend Its Extra $53 Million On

The city's surplus should be put to good use.
What Montreal Should Spend Its Extra $53 Million On

The City of Montreal has some extra money, and by "extra" we mean millions. $53.6 million, to be exact.

After a presentation on the city's finances, mayor Denis Coderre revealed that Montreal actually has a surplus of $53.6 million this year, reports La Presse.

As of now the plan is to use the funds to limit the amount of taxes enforced upon the 2016 budget for the city to a maximum of 2%. That's all sound, sensible, and probably a smart move, but that fifty million could definitely be put towards more exciting and useful things in the city.

Here's what we think Montreal's extra $53.6 million should be spent on:

New STM Buses

There's a shortage of buses (and drivers) right now, which makes us really worried for the winter, when you might get stuck waiting in the cold for the bus. Coderre commented that he wants to increase the city's funding of the STM, so this might actually happen.

The iBus Tracking System

We've been waiting on the STM's real time bus-tracking app/web service for years now, and some extra funding could finally get iBus off the ground and in our hands. If there are more buses and we have iBus, the STM would get a serious upgrade in its quality of service.

Finish The Amphitheater, On Time

Parc Jean-Drapeau's scheduled makeover, featuring a fancy outdoor amphitheater, is set to be finished for 2019, even though the original date was 2017. Increase the man-power with more money and get this done on time, please? We can't handle another muddy Osheaga.

Fix Rachel Street

In a constant state of construction, Rachel street is a prime example of why Montreal has been ranked the worst city to run a business. Store owners on the street are fed up and are threatening to just pick up and leave, so lets just fix Rachel right now and make everyone happy.

Make More Metro Stations Wheelchair-Accessible

Yet another STM-related idea, but one that really needs to happen. Only nine of Montreal's metro stations have working elevators, a shockingly small number that is kind of ridiculous.

Create An "MTL" Sign On Mount Royal

Remember last year, when everyone got super excited about the idea of Mount Royal's cross becoming a Hollywood-esque "MTL" sign? Well, we do, and while all the old religious folks were super against the idea, we definitely think it could boost the city's image, and what better way to spend money than seeming cooler, right?

What are your suggestions?

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