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What Montreal Would Look Like If Sea Levels Rise Around The World

Bust out the boats.
What Montreal Would Look Like If Sea Levels Rise Around The World

Photo cred - Spatialities

Climate change is a very real phenomenon, and as uncomfortable as the thought is, if the trend continues and the world steadily gets warmer and warmer, the world will look very different, and not for the better. Melting ice sheets will cause sea levels to rise all around the world, which will make for a very different landscape across the globe, and in Montreal.

An artist using the name of Spatialities, who apparently fell in love with Montreal after staying in the city a week, decided to map out what the city would look like if half of of the world's ice sheets melted, causing the sea level to rise by 40 meters. The result is an archipelago that truly transforms Montreal, as the island is separated into a series of smaller isles.

A little scary to think about, though the artist does note that global sea levels won't rise to this degree in many a year, anywhere from 1, 000 to 10, 000. Still, if climate change keeps going like its going, we may end up having a "Mer Saint-Laurent" in the future.

Part of an ongoing series, other cities that have been re-mapped include LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, San Diego, and Palm Springs. Check out all of Spatialities work by heading to the artist's Zazzle profile page here.

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