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What Montrealers Love And Hate About Their Borough

Montrealers are always very vocal when it comes to talking about their city, whether it's positively or negatively. So we weren't too surprised when we came across a Reddit thread of Montrealers discussing what they love and hate about their respective neighbourhoods. The results were extremely interesting to read, especially for neighbourhoods we weren't as familiar with, so we've compiled the highlights here for you. Read on below to see if these Montrealers agreed with what you love and hate about your neighbourhood.

The Plateau

Reddit User: Benoit Brunet

Love: Opening my curtains in the morning and seeing tons of people walking on the street. Segal. 24hr Groceries. Parc Lafontaine. Don't have to take a cab when I get shitfaced. Relatively safe.

Hate: Kids climbing my fucking roof. Graffitis everywhere. The insane amount of homeless people begging for money. Homeless people using my porch as their fucking appartment. Rent is too damn high. Everything is closing because rent is too damn high. Metro Mont-Royal becoming a weird ass place at night.


Reddit User: elzadra1

Love: Lots of trees, a mix of ages and cultures, close to Jean-Talon market, orange and blue line stations are nearby. Between the fruiteries and the market I hardly ever set foot in a big grocery store, which is fine by me. Just far enough from downtown that it will never really be the "next Plateau" no matter what the Gazette says. Handy to Park Ex's cheap eats. Good coffee places. Friendlier street life than the Plateau –people often say hi and bonjour here, at least walking on the side streets, which they don't in the Plateau.

Hate: A smidge too far from downtown, few parks except for Jarry which gets more and more monopolized for specific sports every year. And then there are the people who perversely would like to see Villeray become the next Plateau with its inflated rents and condos condos condos. Also, major north-south streets are not pleasant in Villeray: people drive too fast to and from the 40.

Little Italy

Reddit User: Deenoe

Love: The shops, the Jean-Talon Market, easy access to downtown, lots to do and see.

Hate: The goddamn orange line on rush hour. I used to live in Côte-des-Neiges, and it was no where near as full.


Reddit User: foxfire

Love: It's quiet, my street has 4 buses taking me to 3 different metros - all under 15 min, no yuppies, lots of green, not too far from Marché Central or Adonis, no need to fight for free parking, got big basketball and tennis courts at a walking distance, can bike by the water, you feel kind of cool when you tell what's the haps to your yuppy friends who've never been past Villeray

Hate: Far from everyone who all live south of the Metropolitain, not a super hip area with no great places to dine except for a few greasy spoons. The cost of taxis from the Mile-End and anywhere South of it is too damn much.


Reddit User: echoeightythree

Love: 2 major bike paths (Rachel and Notre-Dame) that can take me downtown within 20-30 minutes, cheap rent. affordable housing. I pay $508 for a large 5 1/2. A lot of places to go jogging and cross country skiiing (Parc Maisonneuve, Notre Dame bike path, and the botanical garden during off season), 15 minutes to get downtown if you live close to the metro. Restaurant Hochelaga: nice little diner run that serves yummy burgers and subs. The depanneur next door sells $1 egg rolls that are SO GOOD. Easy access to Notre Dame during the International Fireworks competition in the summertime. Café Atomique. If you live near Viau station, it smells like cookies or freshly baked breads at night.

Hate: Lack of decent international restaurants and grocery stores. There are way more varieties in other areas like park-ex, plateau, mile-end, etc. We're stuck with a lot of greasy spoons and generic supermarkets like Super C and Metro. Druggies, crime, prostitution in certain areas.. mainly in the south western region of Hochelaga. But honestly, I've never encounter these problems probably because I live in east Hochelaga. Potholes. Hochelaga has the most potholes! Shopping here sucks. I don't know how the shops in Promenade Ontario stay in business. Lack of Ubers.

Ile Bizard

Reddit User: SeeWool

Love: Quiet, peaceful. Very bike-friendly, numerous bike paths with relatively nice views. Lots of green areas (natural parks, golf courses). The last majorly francophone area in the West Island, and possibly the most truly bilingual area in Canada. For a quasi-rural borough, roads are kept in pretty good shape. Real estate is fairly affordable.

Hate: If nature's not your thing, there's really nothing to do here, even by West Island standards. Almost non-existant public transport except for one bus line that doesn't even cover 1/6 of the island and a taxibus available only during peak hours. Horrible cell reception, possibly the worst in Montreal as seen here. The island is connected to a single 3-lane bridge leading to the Island of Montreal, leading to a large amount of traffic congestion. I can't help but feel an anti-"urban" sentiment when talking to folks here. I don't think any young people live here.


Reddit User: pkzilla

Love: The haters. Let people keep thinking it's a shitty place, keep the prices good. Waterfront and its parcs. The restaurants along Wellington. Su, W cafe, cafe St.Henri/Sweet Li's, Ma Douce Moitier, Blackstrap, Poissonerie, Tripes&Caviar, the vietnamese and the indian food, so much good! My cheap chinese grocer with the sweet nice cashier. My great apt for such a good rent. There's kitties everywhere, daw! Proximity to metro and downtown.

Hate: Holy shit my neighbors are loud sometimes. And not the party kind of loud which is nice, the rural Quebecer on their porch all the time kind of loud. And cars always going off. And someone always using a buzzsaw. And dogs always barking. There's stray cats everywhere :( (they look like sad strays) A tad far from work for me, 50 minutes everyday or 1.15 biking. Oh well. Druggies/riffraff, my front neighbors are the world's most obvious dealers. Still safe though. Lots of beggars around De L'eglise too. Could use a bit more trees.


Reddit User: Silly_Putty_Saint

Love: It's a 5 minute walk from the 'bicycle highway' and Lachine Canal. It's a 10 minute walk from little burgundy and Griffintown. 20 to verdun, downtown or Old Montreal. It's cheap. Driving/parking is NOT a nightmare.It feels like a small town. It feels like a community. The income disparity is not obvious.

Hate: Most people I have met from 0-27 years old living in Montreal are not familiar with my area and don't even know how to get there. The area is classified as a 'désert alimentaire'. The area may as well be classified as a 'désert commercial' as well. The 10 min walk from my house to Wellington bridge is the only convenient path to Griffintown/downtown/Old Montreal area by foot. Which is fine, but this stretch is extremely disgusting.


Reddit User: crsh1976

Love: Quiet, families and old folks all over. Great for running. You can easily switch from the JAP crowd of Monkland to the ghetto crowd on Sherbrooke (both have their "thing" going and it's great). Monk land Village. The great NDG park; outdoor tango lessons and movies and theatre in the summer. You can walk everywhere. French, English, everybody seems to get along just fine. Very friendly folks all 'round.

Hate: A little far from metros. Real estate prices in this sought-after area mean we'll never be able to buy a house here. No public markets in the Summer (that I know of). The general area is lacking in cool gastro pubs (some stuff have opened/will open soon, keeping my fingers crossed).

Mile End

Reddit User: FredLeFred

Love: Caraibe delite's Chicken Roti, Chingu (korean), Ta Pies, La Tamalerie. Plenty of bike shops. Close to parc Mont Royal. Relatively easy to get anywhere else. Plenty of big old trees! Supermarché PA. Fairmount Bagels, and bakeries in general. Fewer corporate chain stores & restaurants than the norm.

Hate: Dangerous Gaps in the bike path network, & unskilled cyclists (to put it generously!). Runners on every bike path. SW Welsh used book shop closes absurdly early.

Student Ghetto

Reddit User: MyPenisIsaWMD

Love: Proximity to all other fun areas. Stumbling distance from bars on Mont Royal, Gay Village, Latin Quarter, the Tams, and Downtown. Concentration of young international people who are looking for fun.Some really beautiful buildings. Mache Lobo. 8 places to buy beer in a 2 block radius.

Hate: Tuesday 3 am balcony screaming parties. Obscene rent. Run down apartments in those beautiful buildings.


Reddit User: smiliclot

Love: Waterside with nice views. One bridge away from downtown ( well a litle bit east if you take JC bridge).

Hate: Taschereau is nasty. Very low work ethics for city workers. Heavy traffic for the bridge in the morning. Bad public transport. Third world streets. Poverty in general.

St Henri

Reddit User: ExcessiveMachine

Love: Close to transport and downtown. It's much more affordable than Mile End/Plateau and the housing is in better condition. Surprisingly beautiful and diverse architecture on the side streets. Really interesting people: St Henri-ites will always keep you entertained while you're wandering around. Great food options. The canal is nice. There are some decent services around: CLSC, dentists, pharmacies, library, municipal office, public pool, the Gadbois centre. You could forget a language debate exists here. Anglophones and francophones seem equally blasé.

Hate: Not too many services past Atwater. Looking to go pick up that thing you need on your way home? Your shopping options are: industrial workwear, the comic book store, plumbing store, or the 2.5 vintage stores. Hemmed in on all sides by construction and the freeway/Turcot and the canal. Pollution from traffic around/north of the neighbourhood is pretty bad. Serious problem of landlords jacking up commercial rents. I've seen a few people on the internet calling St Henri "The Hen". People do not treat the neighbourhood respectfully.


Reddit User: DickRalph

Love: Amazing neighborhood with just about everything I could ask for within walking distance plus a 20 minute bus ride to both downtown and the Plateau.

Hate: Due to the university and the two high schools its next to impossible to eat lunch out on a school day unless you go at 11am or 1:30pm.


Reddit User: uluviel

Love: Location is the one big plus in my book. It's walking distance to Downtown, the Old Port, Chinatown and Little Burgundy - that means pretty much every service is available nearby if you're willing to walk for a bit.

Hate: The neighbourhood is exploding right now. There's construction all over the place (streets/sidewalks are blocked and it's noisy). And that means it's hard to know what the place will look like in 5 or 10 years, and also what the resell values on houses/condo will be...

Little Burgundy

Reddit User: dackerdee

Love: Close to absolutely everything. Nice restaurants and things to do on Notre Dame. The Canal. Relatively low rents. Lots parking. Very quiet at night.

Hate: You're in the smog bowl, you'll need to wash windows/cars more often than normal. Lots of homeless at highway exits. The large number of social housing units means roving gangs of children and teens that seem to have zero supervision.

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