What Montreal's Bio Dome Will Look Like In 2017

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What Montreal's Bio Dome Will Look Like In 2017

Photo cred - KANVA & AZPML

Montreal's Espace pour la vie is getting a much needed architectural makeover for the city's 375th anniversary, which will include new additions to the Biodome, Insectarium, and Botanical Gardens. Three separate architectural teams will be tackling each project that will all add up in around a $5.5 million, reports Dezeen.com.

The one-time Olympic park velodrome now known as the Biodome will be getting a makeover enacted by Montreal-based architecture firm KANVA and London's AZPML. Together, the two will be in charge of the largest chunk of the Espace pour la vie redesigns, including four new habitat-additions within the dome that will focus on Canadian and American environments, such as the polar ice caps.

A glasshouse garden will be added to the Botanical Gardens, constructed by Lacaton & Vassal. The structure will be surrounded by the Botanical Garden's rose garden, allowing spectators to view new flora while enjoying the beauty of the roses at the same time.

Linked to the Botanical Gardens will be the Insectariums newest addition, planned by Kuehn Malvezzi, that will basically be a walking tour through the life of an insect. A series of buildings will be constructed, each focusing on the the different phases of a bug's life, ending in a butterfly house that will include plants and flowers from the Botanical Gardens.

The Espace pour la vie redesign and makeover will begin in 2016, to be completed by 2017 for Montreal's big birthday. Take a sneak peak at what's in store through the photos below, all courtesy of KANVA.

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