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What Montreal's Weather Will Be Like All Summer Long

The next three months will be very interesting.
What Montreal's Weather Will Be Like All Summer Long

Hello again Montreal, it's your good friend Jeremy The Pissed Off Weatherman, it's been a while but I just couldn't stay away. The snow might be gone but that's not stopping Montreal's weather from being totally fucked up. I read a really long weather report, 90% of which pretty much just said that it's going to be cold and that it's also going to be hot. Truly a fascinating read, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, out of all that gibberish I did find this:

" During the next few weeks, warmer than average temperatures are expected at times in the regions in which below-seasonal temperatures are forecast to prevail for the summer as a whole."

Here's where we get lucky. Quebec is supposed to see long periods of warm summer weather for the next three months and the temperature swings from the rest of the country will be preventing the weather here from reaching too far above 30°C. So we're going to have warm weather, but not many unbearable days where it's too hot to even go outside. The only down side is that we might be seeing above average rates of precipitation.

Guess you can't win 'em all.


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