What Poutine Looks Like All Over The World

Australian poutine? Yes, Australian poutine.
What Poutine Looks Like All Over The World

Poutine is awesome, so awesome that it is slowly taking over the world.

When I started this article I figured that there had to be at least a few "international" poutines out there.

And no, I'm not talking about weird regionally/culturally themed poutines such as the "Italian poutine". I wanted to find a real Greek poutine made in Greece, Chinese poutine made in China and may even Australian poutine, if I got lucky.

Well it turns out there are a lot more poutines than I anticipated. And here they are:

Photo cred - now-here-this

Poutine from the U.K.

These wise chefs added pulled pork and cilantro, and as a French Canadian, I give them my blessing.

Poutine from Greece

Feta and Greek spices? Yes, please!

Poutine from Vietnam

Pulled pork and Kim-Chee. Not a combination I would have done, but I'd definitely try it.

Poutine from Mexico

Okay Mexico, I'm proud of you. This is surprisingly accurate.

Poutine from Shanghai

Shanghai went all out to make this as authenticly Canadian as possible. They didn't bother finding cheese curds, but at least they got some Canadian Club and some Mooseheads.

Photo cred - thebeijinger

Poutine From Beijing

In Beijing they serve the fries gravy and mystery meat and you have the honor/option of grating your own cheese on top.

Poutine from Hong Kong

It looks like they used Ficello string cheese to make this.

Poutine from Paris

Maybe I've being unfair, But I expected the Paris poutine to be ... prettier.

Poutine from Germany

Nice try Germany, but grated cheese and a side of vegan curry? You don't deserve poutine!

Poutine from Australia

No kangaroo meat? So disappointed.

Photo cred - poutinechronicles

Poutine from Israel

Bonus points if it isn't Kosher.

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