What The Actual F*ck: Montreal NOT Ranked One Of Canada's Most Romantic Cities

Photo cred -  JayPo (MTL)

Get ready to get irked Montreal, because the city got seriously snubbed. In a ranking of Canada's most romantic cities, as ranked by Amazon.ca, Montreal was found nowhere on the list. Actually, no place in Quebec was ranked among the nation's metropolises of romance...with mothertruckin' Saskatoon making the top five.

Let that sink in for a second. Saskatoon,  along with Waterloo and Calgary all ranked in the top five. What's romantic in those cities? Yeah, I got nothing either.

Our first reaction, after reading about this obviously entirely wrong ranking on Global, we were justifiably outraged. Then we read into the mechanics of the romance rankings, and things started to make sense.

Amazon's Top Romantic Cities in Canada list was based on the amount of romance paraphernalia (romance novels, relatinship guides, Barry White albums, sex toys) people in the city purchased, and not on what actually makes a city romantic, namely good restos, beautiful people, and gorgeous landscapes. Montreal has all that latter stuff in spades, but we just happen to get laid often enough not to need all the former garbage.

So in truth, Montreal not being on this list is actually kind of a compliment. This is official proof that Montreal is not quite as desperate for a shag as the rest of Canada. Go us.

Take a look at the most sexually desperate and needy cities in Canada below, with Montreal thankfully not on there.

1. Victoria, British Columbia

2. North Vancouver, British Columbia

3. Waterloo, Ontario

4. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

5. Calgary, Alberta

6. Red Deer, Alberta

7. Kingston, Ontario

8. Guelph, Ontario

9. Vancouver, British Columbia

10. Edmonton, Alberta

11. Regina, Saskatchewan

12. Winnipeg, Manitoba

13. Lethbridge, Alberta

14. Oakville, Ontario

15. Kelowna, British Columbia

16. Nanaimo, British Columbia

17. London, Ontario

18. Kamloops, British Columbia

19. Kitchener, Ontario

20. Burlington, Ontario