What This Montreal Photographer Did With The City's Many "Depanneurs" Will Leave You In Awe

Montreal is different from the rest of Canada in a lot of ways and one of the things that makes us unique is our deps. No one outside of Quebec will even understand the word "dep". Sure it's easy to explain that it's just short for depanneur which is french for convenience store, but our deps are so much more than that.

They're small and unique, there's one on almost every corner and they're run by magical individuals who are somehow always there working the register no matter what time of the day you show up. There's always one close-by when you need a free book of matches or a jumbo freezy in the summer. When you can't choose what candy to buy, they have those mini baggies filled with Sour Peaches and Gummi Bears for 50 cents. And of course they have beer, lots and lots of beer. They may only have original Doritos and only one flavor of Pop-Tarts, but they have a walk-in fridge full of nearly any kind of beer you want, from single cans to two-fours.

Let's face it, most of them aren't very pretty to look at with their old worn out beer ads, the rusty bars blocking the windows, the spray painted walls and the old light up sign that says Coke or 7up in big giant letters with a tiny "depanneur" written above it.

However they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case the beholder is a photographer named Drowster who wanted to showcase the uniqueness of these little corner stores by posting a series of photos on Les Petites Manies which shows the true beauty of Montreal's deps.

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