What This Quebec Restaurant Does With Poutine Is Absolutely Insane...It's Mouthwatering!

Photo cred - Reddit

As you may know, Poutine week isn't just about Montreal, every restaurant in Quebec is invited to compete for the title of Best Poutine. This is why we've decided to take a look at our strongest competition which is of course Quebec City. And when we saw their version of the iconic dish, we have to say we got pretty intimidated.

This is the Winner of Quebec City's Poutine week. It was created by the Brasserie La Souche and Instead of trying to revolutionist the classic poutine recipe, they decided instead to create a more simple traditional version with a slight twist.

The dish consists of french fries and cheese curds (naturally) topped with a special beer gravy. (made with their home brewed beer) Swimming in that gravy are little bits of home made beef jerky and as you can tell, the poutine is topped with three giants fried nuggets that have been stuffed with cheese curds.

This means you get the best of both worlds in every bite,  you have your choice of classic cheese curds AND deep fried, melted, cheesy deliciousness. Add the beef jerky (finally something other than bacon) and we're completely powerless to resist.

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