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What To Watch On Canadian Netflix In May 2014

Get right down to watching the good stuff.
What To Watch On Canadian Netflix In May 2014

With school out, you’ve probably got a bit more free time on your hands. Sure, you’ll probably be spending a lot of it drinking and dancing your nights away (until 6 AM!), but sometimes you need to give your liver a break and make a date with your Netflix account. Check out our guide to get right to the good stuff.

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Drinking Buddies

The latest film from mumblecore king Joe Swanberg, Drinking Buddies depicts the sexual tension between co-workers at a craft brewery in Chicago. It’s funny, sad, and true-to-life. Keep an eye out for Ron Livingston from Office Space as a socially awkward “nice guy.”


UFC fans will want to check this one out. It tells the story of two brothers who are forced to reunite when they enter an MMA tournament. They struggle to relate both to each other and to their alcoholic father. When they face each other in a fight, their relationship changes forever.

First Blood

Make sure you see this one before you go see The Expendables 3 this summer. Sylvester Stallone stars as a former soldier who becomes the last surviving member of his unit after his friend dies from cancer. When he winds up on the wrong side of the law, he has to use the tactics he learned in the army to defend himself.

World War Z

If you like zombie flicks, add this one to your queue. Loosely adapted from Max Brooks’s bestselling novel, the movie tells the story of a global epidemic that makes people mindlessly crave human flesh. Brad Pitt stars as a UN investigator who travels around the world trying to stop the outbreak. It’s a scary good time.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

A hilarious and heartwarming adaptation of the beloved children’s book of the same name. The animated film tells the story of Flint, an aspiring scientist whose father restrains his talents. When a tornado made of spaghetti threatens his hometown, Flint’s technological abilities are put to the test. The movie is particularly notable for being the debut of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the team behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

If you’re looking to make a move on that cute music nerd you’ve had your eye on, name-dropping this movie just might do the trick. Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star as a pair of teenagers who bond over their love of Where’s Fluffy?, an indie band who are rumored to be playing a secret show. As they wander New York City in search of the concert, they realize that love is all they really care about finding.

The Artist

A black and white silent film might not sound like your idea of a good time. But The Artist is sure to change your mind. Its charming humour and sweet storyline make it a blast for anyone in search of fun entertainment. It won the Oscar for a good reason.

House of Lies

If, like me, 3 hours of The Wolf of Wall Street left you wanting to see more business men behaving badly, give this show a look. Don Cheadle stars as a management consultant who stops at nothing to get the job done. It’s funny as hell, and it’s also a biting critique of business culture.

Breaking Bad

If you’ve been waiting to check out the final season of Breaking Bad, it’s finally available to stream. Bryan Cranston stars as a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cook after he gets a terminal cancer diagnosis. The show becomes incredibly depressing in its final episodes, but its trademark black sense of humour still manages to peek through here and there.

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are two of the funniest actors in Hollywood on their own. Together, they’re a comedy duo to be reckoned with. In this movie, they play two grown men who live at home and are forced to live together when their parents get married. It very well might be Will Ferrell’s funniest movie.

The Internship

If you’re working an internship this summer, you just might be able to relate to this one. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star as thirty-somethings who take internship positions at Google after they get laid off from their jobs. They’re hilariously out of place with the other interns, who are college-aged, but they don’t let it stop them from having a good time.

The Heat

Melissa McCarthy is quickly becoming one of the funniest character actresses in Hollywood, and The Heat shows why. She stars as a vulgar and rebellious Boston cop who works along side an uptight FBI agent, played by Sandra Bullock. The mismatched pair try to put their differences aside in order to take down a drug kingpin.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

It’s tough not to love Trailer Park Boys. The trailer park inhabitants the show depicts are hilariously inept in their petty crime attempts. If you can’t get enough of the show, you might want to give their movie a look. It’s not quite as funny as the show, but getting more of these characters is always a good thing.

Mad Men

The most fun history lesson you’ll ever have. Check out this show for a taste of what life, love, and fashion were like in the 60s. Jon Hamm stars as Don Draper, an advertising executive with a cloudy past. The witty dialogue and once-trendy wardrobes make it worth watching.

Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage has often been the butt of internet jokes, but he sure knows how to give an entertaining performance. In this movie he stars as Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcycle rider who sells his soul to the Devil to save his father’s life. When the Devil needs someone to defeat his evil son, he calls on Blaze to be his bounty hunter in exchange for the return of his soul.

The Taking of Pelham 123

You won’t complain about the metro being late ever again after seeing this movie. John Travolta stars as a former Wall Street power broker who hijacks a New York train after being imprisoned for 10 years. Denzel Washington also stars as the train dispatcher who tries to negotiate with him.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits!

Remember Wallace and Gromit? This movie was made by the same team, Aardman Animations, and it uses their trademark stop motion clay animation style. Even better, it has the same witty sense of humour. The movie tells the story of a group of amateur pirates who hope to make a name for themselves through winning the Pirate of the Year competition.

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