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What Will Happen In Montreal If There's A Massive Earthquake

We are NOT prepared.
What Will Happen In Montreal If There's A Massive Earthquake

Earthquakes are one of those earth-shattering events (no pun intended) that can devastate communities. 

Just look at what’s happening in Mexico, where a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has left many areas of the country in a state of disrepair. Hundreds have been reported dead and rescue operations are still ongoing, with the damage to buildings and homes adding to the carnage. 

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When something so tragic happens in another country or city, we can’t help but ask the question: what would happen if an earthquake struck Montreal?

If a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Montreal, the same magnitude that struck central Mexico, the city is prepared, according to a representative from Montreal fire department. 

Montreal’s firefighters are equipped to handle an earthquake of that magnitude, a division manager for the city’s fire department said to JDM. 

A quick response from specialized teams will be needed, something the city has at-the-ready.

According to the fire representative, there are 115 firefighters in Montreal specially trained in earthquake rescue operations. These firefighters are at-the-ready in several fire stations across Montreal.  

And if an earthquake were to hit, the teams of firefighters already have a procedure to follow. 

The first goal is to set up barriers and parameters around buildings, to protect Montrealers from falling debris. A special analysis would also be done to assess which buildings are most at-risk of collapse. 

Unfortunately, not even expert firefighters can really say exactly what Montreal would look like following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. 

But, if Montrealers want to be prepared in the event of one, there is a special event all about earthquake response happening next month. 

Dubbed la Grande Secoussela Grande Secousse, the event is an earthquake simulation, teaching participants how to correctly respond to a severe seismic event. So if you want to know what to do if Montreal gets hit by an earthquake, attending would be a good idea. 

Not that a major earthquake is all that likely here in Montreal. The last one to really do some damage to the city occurred all the way back in 1732. Still, it’s better to be prepared rather than just panic and run around if an earthquake does actually happen. 

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