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What Would Happen To The Montreal Canadiens If Quebec Separates

It might be harder to attract free agents.
What Would Happen To The Montreal Canadiens If Quebec Separates

We've all done it at least once. Imagine what Quebec would actually be like if it separated from the rest of Canada. First you think of your job or school, will they remain the same? You think about all the economic and political aspects. You briefly consider moving then you remember you don't want to live in Toronto. But here's one change that doesn't come up as often, The Montreal Canadiens.

It would be crazy to delude ourselves into thinking that if the province separates from the country, they wouldn't want their team to be named after that country. Would the NHL even allow that to happen, or would the team have to remain a part of Canada?

So many questions, but luckily we've found several discussion threads on Hfboards discussing the subject and here are what some Montrealers thought would happen.

1. Nothing.

Because it will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happen...

...ever. *Knock on wood*.

2. Invasion From Vermont May Be Imminent.

They've been waiting for an excuse to invade ever since they realized that our maple syrup tastes way better than theirs. Here's their chance to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Free Agents Might Be Hard To Acquire!

It's hard enough to attract free agents here. In many cities, hockey players can walk around relatively undisturbed. But, here they achieve god-like status.

4. The NHL would suffer!

The Canadian dollar could drop slightly during the readjustment period and since the Canadian team brings in more than their share of the NHL revenue, Players' salaries would drop and other teams would start looking very different.

5. Battle Between Names: The 'Montreal Quebecois' or 'Montreal Nordiques'

You can't leave Canada and still have a team named after them, so you have the following choices: The Habs, The Montreal Quebecois or The Montreal Montrealers (classy). But seriously though, who would be opposed to bringing back our legendary Nordiques?

6. National TV negotiations would be heated.

If the Habs are exclusively Quebecois, then the games would have to be in french and all those broadcast changes that came in the last year over which channels can play Habs games would have to be renegotiated.

7. They would quit the NHL...

The NHL is an association between the US and Canada, so Quebec wouldn't be part of the deal. That means the Habs wouldn't be part of the NHL anymore and Quebec would have to form its own team so they'd have someone for the Habs to play against!


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