Everything You Need To Know About Kevin O'Leary

Quite possibly Canada’s next Prime Minister.
Everything You Need To Know About Kevin O'Leary

When we first heard the news, we were excited, but we weren't sure it was actually going to happen.

But now it's official. Kevin O'Leary has announced that he will be running to be the new leader of the Conservative Party.

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O'Leary may have skipped the French language debate last night, where the other 13 candidates were participating. But that's because he doesn't believe you can have a real debate when there are so many candidates. And he's absolutely right.

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So we know he's anglophone, he's from Montreal and he's a millionaire. But what are his views on Canadian polities?

O'Leary has a pretty negative view of Justin Trudeau and his policies, and he thinks our economy is in drastic need of an overhaul. He also believes that Trudeau doesn't care about millennials and he has forgotten about the people that matter.

What's really crazy is how hyped up all the media outlets are about this. Just by making this announcement it already feels like he won the election. According to CTV, even the Premier from Saskatchewan, who is considering running for the position, said he was curious about O'Leary's policies. So even his opponents can't wait to see what happens next.

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So far it seems the only "negative" thing anyone has to say about O'Leary is about how he doesn't speak French. Which just shows how there's nothing seriously bad you can say about the guy, if language is what people are focusing on.

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Well, that and the fact that he announced he wants to sell Senate seats to the highest bidders.

But the most important thing you need to know about Kevin O'Leary is this:

He's not the type of guy who wants to run just to win. He only takes on projects because he believes they will be a success.

He's not just running to be the leader of the conservatives, he wants to run the whole country, and he believes he's the only person who can beat Trudeau.

If he ever became Prime Minister that wouldn't be enough for him. He would need to be the most successful Prime Minister of all time. That's just the kind of person he is.

Good luck, Mr. Wonderful.

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