What You Need To Know Before Voting Today

Just in case you haven't decided yet.
What You Need To Know Before Voting Today

We're here people, the day all of Canada has been waiting on for the past three months: election day. Like any good Canadian, you're obviously going out to vote today, if only to seem socially conscious and respectable like all of your friends on Facebook who have been posting "go vote" statuses. That's what we're here for.

To make sure all y'all actually go out and vote (if you don't know where your nearest voting station is, Google's special election day graphic will let you know) we're providing you with a brief rundown on all of the major parties involved in Canada's political showdown. Even if you followed zero parts of the election thus far, and regrettably missed all the awful campaign commercials, our guide will help you choose the party that fits your own personal policies best.

NDP - Thomas Mulcair

  • Hire 7,000 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in community clinics.
  • Finance in-home care for 41,000 seniors.
  • Create 1 million new $15-a-day daycare spots.
  • Create 40,000 new jobs and paid internships.
  • Limit Bill C-51 which would allow the RCMP to spy on your personal data.

Green Party - Elizabeth May

  • Cancel student debts.
  • Provide free education.
  • Create a fund to reduce public debt.
  • Cancel the cuts to Radio-Canada.
  • Bring back door-to-door mail delivery.

Conservatives - Stephen Harper

  • Increase First-Nations' education budget by 25%.
  • Modify human rights laws to prevent discrimination.
  • Increase sentences for child aggressors and reinforce the sex offender registry.
  • Increase budget to fight street gangs.
  • Step up the war on terrorism.

Liberals - Justin Trudeau

  • Cancel budget cuts to Radio Canada.
  • Invest 20 million dollars over 10 years on public transportation.
  • Increase maximum scholarships limits.
  • Create 40,000 new jobs including 5,000 "green jobs".
  • Bring back door-to-door mail delivery.
  • Allow homosexuals to donate blood.
  • Legalize marijuana.

Bloc - Gilles Duceppe

  • Promote independence in Quebec and abroad.
  • Abolish TPS on books.
  • Cancel budget cuts for Radio Canada.
  • Make it illegal to have your face covered when working in the public service.
  • Legalize marijuana.

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