What Your Choice Of Panties Says About Your Personality

Panties on panties on panties.
What Your Choice Of Panties Says About Your Personality

Are you surprised that something as simple as the type of panties you choose to wear can actually reveal a thing or two about your personality? Underwear is any girl's secret weapon, boost of confidence and seduction tool. There are so many styles to choose from... however, most of the time, the only two things that we base our choices on are: 1) are they comfortable? and 2) does my ass look good in these? Depending on the type of underwear we opt for, we end up exuding different vibes. So let's see what your choice of panties says about your personality.

1. G-String

You're definitely very sexual, but a bit old-fashioned. Why old-fashioned, you ask? Because g-strings were popular in the late 90s, early 2000s... You like everything beautiful and put a lot of efforts into your appearance. You also, obviously, hate panty lines.

2. Thong

That thong, th-thong, thong, thong... It covers a bit more skin than the g-string, so you're not as open to experiments as the girl above, but you're still sexy as fvck. You're confident and sometimes, even intimidating. You like to get things your way and, most of the time, you do.

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3. Bikini

You're a laid back type of girl who chooses comfort and quality over anything superficial. You surround yourself with people you genuinely care about, unlike the girls above who crave attention from pretty much anyone. Men are drawn to you because you exude "wife material" vibes.

4. French Knickers

Basically, anything with too much lace or silk can be called French Knickers. If you wear this type of underwear, you obviously pay a lot of attention to details. When you meet someone new, you immediately notice if their shoes are dirty or if they're missing a button from their shirt. You're also very particular with your taste in men.

5. Boy Shorts

You're fun, flirty, spontaneous and irresistibly sexy. Guys are super attracted to your bubbly and friendly personality. You're that cool chick everyone wants to be friends with.

6. Granny Panties

You literally do not give a single fvck what other people think about you. You know what you want and what you like... and that's all that matters to you.

7. Panties with words printed on them

You probably didn't even realize your undies had something written on them until someone pointed it out to you. You're really chill and careless, but in a good way. Let's just say you don't stress too much. Ever.

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8. Commando

You go girl! Have you read my article about why you should go commando? You're sexy, edgy, confident and you love to be the center of attention.