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What Your Coffee Choice Says About You

Cappucino to espresso, your daily drink says more than you think.
What Your Coffee Choice Says About You

Everyone loves coffee, but not necessarily prepared the same way. Coffee comes in many shapes and sizes, just like people, and the coffee you drink tends to reflect your personality. To gain a little more insight into what your coffee says about you, here's a helpful list.

1. The Espresso Shot

Unsullied by the addition of milk, flavours, or water, you are a simple person who is also quite driven and efficient. You enjoy things as they are, and you don't need frivolous additions to see the beauty in simplicity. Single espresso folk are focused and easily pleased, but those traits shift as you move up the espresso ladder. Doublers mean business and won't waste their time with unnecessary actions, or people. Triple shotters take it to the next level with an intensity that is both admirable and fear-inducing, probably because of that eye-twitch.

2. The Latte

A balance of espresso, milk and foam, the latte is comforting drink that embodies harmony, much like latte-drinkers. Easygoing and collected, you are a friend to all but despise disorder and confrontation. You are wary of adding new flavors/people to change your mix, since the results can be either beneficial or disastrous.

3. The Cappuccino

Much more into the European way of life, cappuccino people are laid back with their heads in the foamy clouds. You may seem a little airy to those you just met, but those who know well are aware the energy and determination buried deep inside you. Oh, and you're a total morning person.

4. The Iced Coffee

No matter if its Summer or Winter, you remain the same: cool and edgy. People may think you can be a little frigid at times, and that's okay, because its kind of true. Despite your chilly demanour, friends can always rely on you to stay cool when things get heated and calm someone down who has gotten too fired up. Also, you prefer straws to sipping.

5. The Americano

The Americano was the result of Europeans trying to replicate American-style coffee, essentially a fusion of cultures. A blend of characteristics, Americano-people are similarly in the in-between. You may be on the espresso side of things and love a fast pace environment, or are more into a calmer vibe. Either way, you love to try new things and constantly await inspiration for your next creation.

6. The Blended Coffee

Forever young at heart, you never lost your youthful perspective and always see the excitement in things. Life never needs to be simple and boring, as you seek excitement and new ways to have fun. More into having fun than working hard, you may never grow up but that really isn't a bad thing.

7. The Filtered Coffee

Old fashioned and traditional, you like things one way and that’s it. Some may call you stubborn, but you just know what you like. You have your method and you stick to it, whether that be one sugar or a double-double; experimenting isn't in your nature. Why would you mess with perfection?

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