What Your Fashion Magazine Says About You

Whether she's sitting on the metro, or sipping on sangria by the pool, a girl loves to have her favorite fashion magazine by her side.

If your a girl that wants to know more about yourself, or that guy who wants to find out more about the chick he sees every morning at the bus stop with her coffee in one hand and Vogue in another- read on to find out what fashion magazines say about you, or a perceptive date.


Who she is: Sassy, outgoing, fun and seeking male companionship

What she does: After leading Frosh for two years in a row and participating on the college cheer leading team, this girl is probably striving for a job as a social media manager for some upscale fashion retailer. Meanwhile, she's probably doing the next best thing by interning for a local company.

Ideal date: Overpriced cocktails at a trendy bar, and then to bed- but not to sleep.

(2) ELLE

Who she is: This girl can be shy, but she's up for anything fun, as long as its not too daring

What she does: She's most probably studying to receive a marketing degree. After that she'll work behind a desk at some department store's corporate office.

Ideal date: A movie... and popcorn


Who she is: Sophisticated, stylish and always in a million places at once- this girl knows how to get a job done

What she does: If she's still in school, she's probably at one of the best fashion schools like Parsons- unless she's decided to study abroad in Paris. If she's no longer in school, she's probably doing PR for a very well known fashion designer, or at least that's what she dreams about at night.

Ideal date: Dinner at an upscale restaurant, where buying a bottle of expensive wine is mandatory


Who she is: Popular, fun, but often catty

What she does: This girl could have any job she wants. Instead, she's on the road to starting her own event planning business, where she'll be the boss.

Ideal date: Dinner, followed by an intense make out session in your car, because she refuses to have you come into her not- so- sparkling clean apartment.

Which fashion magazine do you read, Montreal?