What Your Favourite Poutine Says About Your Personality

Poutine Week has come and gone, but all the love Montreal has for the classic dish hasn't gone anywhere. Like we really need a week to eat poutine. Montreal 'noms on poutine all year round. The city does border on a poutine-eating-disorder (poutineorexia?) but, just like how every Montrealer is unique, so is their poutine of choice, and the two are totally intertwined.

Are you a die-hard traditionalist who is afraid of change? Are you a manly meat-lovers poutine? Do you think your fancy and need foie gras in your poutine? Find out just what your poutine says about you, and where your most likely to be found munching out, in MTL Blog's Poutine & Personality Analysis.

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The Classic

Belle Provence

No fooling around, you like poutine as it is, and that's just fine. Some people need to add silly frills to their poutine, but not you. "Simple is best" are words you live by, which is why you never deviate from the classic trifecta of cheese-gravy-potatoes. Change isn't exactly something you handle well, which is fine, because you like things as they are. Specialty poutineries are for hipster punks, you like your poutine at classic joints like Belle-Pro or La Fleur.

Foie Gras Poutine

Au Pied de Cochon

Two types of people name the Foie Gras Poutine as their favourite: the super-classy and ritzy of Montreal and those who wish they were super-classy and ritzy. Either way, you have a taste for the finer things in life, and poutine. Not afraid to be a little indulgent, price holds no sway over you, as long as the dish is delicious. Something as plebeian as poutine would only grace your taste-buds if its given a fancy twist. Some may call you snobby, you just call it classy.

The Smokehouse/Meat Lovers


Potatoes, gravy, and cheese are great, but they're only the sides to the main attraction: meat. Nothing gets you more riled than some good ol' smokehouse BBQ, and you can't say no to anything with four legs that's charred, smoked, grilled. No one would call you soft or sensitive, as you embody manliness/intensity and are basically a hard-edged badass all day, everyday. The only time you get remotely sensitive is when you mack on some meat-lover's poutine, and you shed a single manly tear.

The Vegetarian

Lola Rosa

Whereas the rest of us are out gorging on processed meats and animal drippings, you are quietly sitting at Lola Rosa, reading Cult, lightly picking at your vegetarian poutine, inwardly smiling at how its (kinda) doing your body good. You may look down on all other poutines for not being on par with your moral standards, or you may not give a damn what the other simple-minded folks are chowing down on, but either way, you get a pretty big sense of self satisfaction for being able to enjoy poutine while still being vegetarian. And rightly so.

The Mexican/La Taquise

La Banquise

Excitement is one of your virtues, and that definitley shows in your poutine. Not happy with the standard fare, you thrive off of switching things up and adding flair to your food and life. Combining cultures isn't a problem for you, as you'd gladly mix up some Mexican in your Montreal cuisine, much like you do in your many travels, nights out, or love life ;). Speaking of nights out, thank goodness La Banquise serves their La Taquise 24 hours a day, so you can get your poutine fix at any time in your unpredictable life.

The Smoked Meat

Jarry Smoked Meat

Combining two Montreal classics, the Smoked Meat Poutine-eater is full of city pride. You were born and raised in Montreal, and even if you weren't, you sure as hell wish you were. You don't give any fucks about what all that cheese and salty meat is doing to your diet, nor do you even bother with what Montreal-haters have to say. You love Montreal, love your poutine, and hate anything from Ontario.

The Galvaude


A Quebecer to the core, you love Montreal, but it still doesn't hold a candle to the small Quebec town you grew up in. You did make it out to Montreal, but you aren't exactly adventurous, as you like simple and classic things, like the addition of canned peas and chicken to poutine. Practical and efficient, you see poutine as a well-rounded meal, just as much as a delicious snack. You're willing to haul it out to Quebec City to get a legit Galvaude at Ashton's, for that homey flavour, just like you do when you visit your hometown for any holiday, family gathering, or when you need to do laundry.

Romados Poutine


The love-child of two of the most delicious Montreal dishes, the Romados Poutine lover is part of the new-school of Montreal. You embrace the traditional and modern culture of cityl, and you're probably fully bilingual as well. Change is not something you fear, as you know just how great collaboration between cultures can be. Still, you cling to some principles: poutine needs to be delicious, and the Romados poutine is epically tasty.

The Breakfast Poutine


Breakfast is a meal to be enjoyed at any time of the day, a belief strongly held by the Breakfast poutine lover. You live for brunch, and aren't ashamed of ordering a breakfast platter at 9pm. Whether you're a night owl or an early riser, you thrive during the hours of the day when most people are asleep, and enjoy being a little lazy in the middle of the day, while you digest your bacon-y Breakfast Poutine. On the weekends, you need one of these to cure your hangover woes.

The Italian Poutine

Montreal Poutine

Homey with a European flair, the Italian Poutine lover likes things simple, but with a tinge of nostalgia. You're most likely the child of European parents who often talk of the home country, and this is how you continue the legacy. Or you just love pizza. Regardless, you have some serious family values and think poutine is something to be shared, like a big pot of pasta.

Which poutine are you?

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