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What Your Montreal Metro Station Says About You Vol.2

You take them everyday, here is what they portray.
What Your Montreal Metro Station Says About You Vol.2

Dear Montreal, we heard you loud and clear. You enjoyed our super-accurate descriptions of you, based on your metro station, and you want more. Who are we to deny you that request? Without further ado, we present to you, even more about what your metro station says about you.

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Angrignon, our little nature lover, you light up our lives. Even on the gloomiest day of the year, hanging out with you always cheers us up. Your passion for the environment is astonishing and we've always admired your courage to be completely unique - no one else we know can incorporate so much natural beauty into a concrete world. You're great at networking; you have a knack for bringing people together from all over the island.


You bring so much culture to the table, Parc, and we're forever grateful. Your bubbly, colourful personality is only enhanced by your love of commemoration. Your Greek ancestry will always hold a special place in your heart, but you're also thrilled by the new opportunities and cultures that await you. Don't think we haven't noticed your nostalgic side either - the days of flappers, speakeasies and art deco are still a huge influence in your life. Parc Avenue, and Parc-Extension, is your home; you grew up learning the ins and outs of those back alleys and parks. Nowadays, you can be found at any of the numerous cafes and bars on the iconic Parc Ave., whiling away the summer days on a terrace in the company of good friends that you've known since you were young.


You're a big fan of efficiency and practicality. You believe that the world, and everything in it, should be structured in the most direct and useful way. No distractions, frivolities or extra details - ain't nobody got time for that. Your love of industrialism is a little extreme, but we forgive you because you bring a touch of class to the 'hood. Your religious roots are important to you and we respect you so much for that. We know all about your inner nerd though - be honest, you'd pick a day of battling dragons and saving the world over the average day, every time.


You worship at the Habs altar and you don't care who knows it. Why else would you live so close to the Bell Centre? It's definitely not because rent is cheap. Whether you wear your fan pride everyday, or it just shows up when the season starts, there's no doubting your love of the game. It may only be matched by your love of music. You have a warm, inviting personality which just makes us want to spend even more time with you. Are you free? Can we come over now? There's probably a game or a concert we can watch - we're buying the popcorn!


The first thing we need to state here is that you're hot. No, but really, you're so hot, we feel like we need to take off some layers whenever we're around you. In terms of style though, you're kind of lacking. Everyone around you is a artistic and eclectic, but you're okay with kind of melting into the background and going unnoticed. For shame, Guy-Concordia! Where's the glitz? Where's the glamour? Of course, we know that you're studying hard to get your Marketing degree and your part-time job at Aldo eats up all of your free time, but if you can hit up Saint-Laurent every Saturday night, then there's no reason you can't get a little less drab on Monday mornings. It may help you catch the eye of that cute guy at the library - do we see a lunch date at Boustans in your future? We know, we know.. only after finals are over!


Graceful and elegant are qualities that don't even begin to describe who you are, Place-Saint-Henri. Although you can be a bit of a drama queen, your love of geometry and history grounds you. We love what you've done with the place, by the way - those giant outdoor stairwells are awesome and really connect with your cosmopolitan outlook on life. You're the best example of working-class chic that this city has to offer and for that, we tip our hat to you.


You have your eye on the future, Vendome, and we like it. Your colorful, modernist style is so unique, it's hard to believe that the people you spend the most time with are in high school - not that there's anything wrong with that! Although your tendency to crash their dances, and sneaking in drinks, is questionable. The other thing we love about you is that you always seem to stir up a little drama in your neighborhood. A protest or two have been staged in your name, but hey, what's a guy to do? You're just that popular.


Henri-Bourassa, you sly devil. You can't stick to the status quo, can you? You're always changing your look, updating what you do; your need to please everyone knows no bounds. The ease with which you've welcomed our neighbors in Laval to the city is commendable and we know they'll always be grateful for that - not many people your age adapt so quickly to change. We love your dedication to children and the importance of art education, but we know your true passion lies in the politics of Montreal. Stop sitting in the park, agonizing over the upcoming election - have faith that your beloved city will end up in good hands. We do.. sort of.


You're a curvy, vivacious blast from the past, Beaubien. Even your name gets us feeling all tingly inside. You're a force to be reckoned with, in all your unique 1960s glory. In fact, you may just be one of our favorites simply because you don't shy away from standing out in a crowd. We do have to point out, however, that you attract some real shady characters and that's a little frightening, especially late at night. Maybe try to find some different people to hang out with? Thanks.


Well, aren't you just the most popular kid in town? Everyone always wants to hang out with you and, for most, the constant partying would have taken its toll. Not you, Saint-Laurent, you just add an energy drink to that vodka and keep going. That's not to say there isn't more to your life - we know you like a good comedy show once in a while, and you're a big fan of summer festivals (what Montrealer isn't, though?). But, it all boils down to having a good time.. and starting that good time on a terrace after work, followed by pre-gaming at your fave dive bar and then hitting up a trendy and overly priced club. What? We're just being honest.


You're a little self-involved, we're not going to lie. You don't have much going on around you, and that's okay, but do you have to make everything about yourself? Look, you're cute with your modernist, hipster style and your all-around-nice-guy attitude. But we'd like to say that, just because you live in the east and you may feel a little neglected by the city, it doesn't mean you should shut yourself off and be - quite frankly - a little boring. Buck up, soldier, and bring some flair into your life. Perhaps a little love affair with Mr. Pie IX?


Sassy, beautiful and smart - everything we love in a girl. Obviously, you're a huge fan of the color pink, in all of its shades and hues. What people don't realize, however, is how much you love the neighborhood you were born and raised in. From its iconic doorways and lamp posts, to its multicultural community, you're all about the 'hood. You're a hard worker, with a passion for theater, literature and nature. We don't blame you - look around, you're surrounded by all of the great things Montreal has to offer!


Your curious - or, should we say, bicurious? - nature is intriguing and compelling. Who doesn't want the best of both worlds? Sometimes, though, we get the feeling that you feel torn, as if you're being pulled in two different directions. The hustle and bustle of the neighborhood you're in contrasts sharply with your modern and simple style. We love the fact that, after all these years, you've stayed true to your Jewish roots and continue to be an important member of the community. You're deep, spiritual and an active proponent of change for the working class. Good on you, Plamondon! We need more people like you in this world.


One word comes to mind: WOWZA. You're just incredible - we can seriously stare at you all day, you beautiful thing, you. Your loud, cheerful, ball-of-energy attitude is always a welcome addition to our day and we honestly think that Montreal would be a sadder city without you. Whether we're hanging out with you on the cobblestone roads of Old Montreal, or touring historic landmarks in the area, we know that we're guaranteed to have a fantastic time. Your love of life, in all its shapes and forms, is infectious... for all of these reasons, and so many more, we thank you, Champ-de-Mars.

Don't be shy to call us up for a drink! (*wink wink*)


Everything's coming up purple and it feels so good. We love that you go against the grain and push conventional boundaries every day. Even your name is inaccurate but you don't care! You're the kind of person we all want to be - you move through the world at your own pace and you play the game of life using your own rules. This is because you view everything in an abstract way. There are no concrete lines or boundaries for you; everything can be manipulated to suit your needs. To be honest, we envy you and your devil-may-care attitude!

What does your metro station say about you?

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