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What Your Montreal Summer Job Says About You

Your summer job means a lot more than you think.
What Your Montreal Summer Job Says About You

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

We all got a job for the same reason: money. What bound us to our particular profession is much more personal. A person's chosen career will automatically say a lot about a person, but so will seasonal work. You might not think your summer job says a lot about you (you only took the job to make some money, right?) but what someone does for money, even over the short duration of a summer, is pretty revealing.

Read on below and see if your summer job really reflects your personality.

1. Barista

Hate to call you out on it, but if you're serving espressos and steaming milk, you probably have some serious hipster cred. A tattoo, piercing, or seriously funky hat is always part of your apparel, and you revel in the coffee-culture of art, literature, and intellectual chit-chat. Or, if you're working as a barista at Starbucks, then you're preternaturally chipper and take enthusiasm to whole new levels. Either way you're heavily addicted to caffeine.

2. Restaurant Server

You know how far biting your lip and putting on a smile will take you. Being fake isn't in your MO, you just know that you'll catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar, and by flies I mean tips. Still, your claws will come out as soon as someone takes your inherent politeness too far, and you'll bitch a person out for offending you, a friend, or only leaving 5%.

3. Salesperson/Telemarketer

Some may call you "too much" but that's only because they can't handle your high-spirited energy and natural charisma. Getting what you want has never been a problem with your people skills and magnetic personality, you just find it really hard when you can't get what you want. The sting of rejection doesn't last long with you, however, as you're already going after your next goal or sale.

4. Camp Counselor

Young at heart, you never really grew up, which is why you don't mind spending time with kids and having your summer basically be a really long gym class. No one can say you're boring, but intense sit-down-and-be-serious work terrifies you, and you're known to shy away and flake from commitment and responsibility.

5. Lifeguard

A lover of rules and organization, you can come across as a control freak or overly bossy, but you just know things will get done best if everyone does things your way. Incredibly protective, you're always ready to jump in and help a friend or stranger, inside and outside of the water.


Driven and forward thinking, you are a pragmatist in every way. You wouldn't waste your summer on a job that won't help you in the future, and you rarely associate yourself with people who can't aid in your social life or professional career. Networking is second nature to you, and you always get to use your natural talent as people always like to have you around because you get things done.

7. Research Assistant

Let's be real, you love school. You would have just taken summer courses, but they don't pay you to learn like they do to help out a professor's research. Bookworm may be attached to your namesake, but your brilliant mind regularly makes everyone envious, and probably a little intimidated too.

8. Construction

You're a no-nonsene type of person who takes problems head on, maybe sometimes without thinking it through too well. You're either completely cocky, or more on the withdrawn side of things and tend to be the quiet one in the group. On both sides of the spectrum, you like things simple and traditional, from your food to your fashion and alcohol choices (beer > crazy cocktails).

9. Bartender

You are the life of the party, literally and metaphorically. Friends like to hang out with you because you always have cool plans or something fun going on, even if its just going to work. A complete night owl, you find it hard to fit to other people's schedules, so you don't and just independently do your own thing. There's also a very strong possibility you can hold your alcohol better than most, just out of sheer workplace practice.

10. The Family Business

Family always comes first to you, why else would you be willing to put up with those crazy kooks all summer? You want to see the family business succeed so you can make sure your family is secure, and besides, they need you there to make sure everything doesn't fall apart. Outsiders and strangers may find you standoffish and defensive at first, but once you warm up and let them into your inner circle, you're the most loyal and devoted of friends, treating them as if they were family.

Your summer job says a lot about you, but how you spend your summer savings says something too.

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