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What Your Montreal University Major Says About You

Your classes can predict your hangouts.
What Your Montreal University Major Says About You

Photo cred- Sylvain Granier

Choosing what you study in university is a big decision, one you undoubtedly pondered and meditated on for hours, or just did whatever your mom and pops recommended. No matter how you got there, you're formed less by the decision itself and more by the time spent in the program. The things you learn, the people in your classes, and the vibe of the faculty influence you in ways you wouldn't realize, making you adopt certain characteristic you may not have had before.

If you're new to uni, then you're probably just getting started with picking your classes and choosing your major/ minor. If you're new to Montreal as well, then you're probably also getting ready to move into your new place. Whether you're getting your own place or looking into student residencies around Montreal, we recommend evo Montreal. With two locations, evo Centre-ville and evo Vieux-Montréal  (Sherbrooke W. and University street), this residency makes for the ultimate student living space.

Even if you're wildly different from anyone in your program, and you totally go against the grain that way, we're sorry to say that you're still roped into the stereotypes applied to every major. It's the sad reality of university life, and just so you know how your major is viewed.

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Photo cred- Nicole Scribble


Hangouts: Campus bars, because they usually play the news during the day

Style: Preppy-hipster hybrid

Overheard saying: "Political Science is

Conversation is what you live for, which is just another way of saying you love to argue. Sometimes this can get you into intense drunken shouting matches, because let's be real, you always think you're right, and even when your wrong, you're willing to argue until you've convinced everyone in the room that you're line of thought is correct. Usually you accomplish the feat through use of clever wording, hypothetical scenarios, or simple persistence. Friends tend to put up with your intensity because most of the time you are pretty on point, and when you're not, it's pretty funny to see you get worked up.

Photo cred- Janna Yotte

Computer Science

Hangouts: Bar B1 (for the gaming setup), basements, anywhere with a screen and phone charger

Style: Nerdy graphic tees and jeans

Overheard saying: "Computers are easy, you just don't understand them" "Macs are for idiots"

A little quiet, people usually peg you as a typically shy and socially awkward computer nerd, but anyone who has had a couple of beers with you knows that isn't the case. Yes, you are a little more withdrawn than most, but once you're comfortable with a group of people, or the topic of coding comes up, you come alive with energy. Being kind of nerdy these days also pays off, what with everyone being into apps and superhero movies these days, which has turned you into a bit of a snob, 'cuz you've been on the geek-scene since day one, which is equally alluring and off-putting at times.

Photo cred- Sylvain Granier


Hangouts: Mclean's (for the beer towers), the library at 4am

Style: Sweat pants and hoodies

Overheard saying: "I can't go out tonight, I need to study" "CHUG!"

When all of your arts and management friends are getting wasted on a Wednesday night, you're at the library/home studying your ass off because your program is simply more difficult. They know it, you know it, and it's all good, because once Friday comes along, you go extra hard to make up for all the extra studying. Engineering guys can't help but bro-out in their lab coats and drink beers, it's just in their DNA, but they're also incredibly friendly and outgoing. Femgineers are basically bosses and run show in the department, as being the only girl in a class full of dudes gives you some mystique and authority

Photo cred- Sylvain Granier


Hangouts: Any event with over 200 people attending (to network) or Terrasses Bonsecours

Style: Business-casual, or full-on suit and tie if there's a presentation

Overheard saying: "If I'm not making 50k right out of school, I don't even know" "You're in Arts? Oh..."

Elitist is a little harsh of a word to use to describe students in business programs, but, well, it's pretty accurate. You tend to hang out only with people in your own program, dress incredibly well to class to maintain your image, believe you're the next big corporate mogul, and scoff at anyone who doesn't do the same. The best part is, everyone wants to be around you simply because you exude that self confident swag. Of course, there are many strains within a management faculty, meaning there are exceptions to the rule, but overall management students pretty much think of themselves as the sh*t, and whose to say they aren't?

Photo cred- Tumblr


Hangouts: House parties, the lab

Style: Simple but functional outfits, so you're comfy without looking too drab

Overheard saying: "Science rules!" "God I need to get wasted after that exam"

Down to earth and centered, you're the golden ratio of university students, being both social and academic. You get your work done, because you're at school to learn, but you never shy away from the chance to chill out with friends over beers and hit the bar. Unlike most other programs, you science-cats don't have an extreme or particular style or way of being, preferring to just do you do, which is even more respectable. From hipsters to bros you all have one thing in common: you will not even think about whether or not you're going to med school until you're in your last last year.

Photo cred- Tumblr


Hangouts: Used bookstores, campus Arts Lounge (for the $1 beers)

Style: Artsy to the max, usually sporting a weird hat or scarf

Overheard saying: "People say an English degree is useless, but actually..." "I didn't even read the book and I got an A"

Breaking from the norm is your MO, and you're into anything that isn't the mainstream. People can usually see that about you from your fashion style (hipster-normcore-Victorian preppy) but once you get talking their assumptions are confirmed. You love to find the underlying messages and meanings in even the most mundane of things, which makes watching 80's music videos with you actually kind of hilarious, since you're the only one to point out things like how neon and spandex are representations of repressed homosexuality and bondage culture. Your wacky side comes out even more on the weekend, when your brain gets out of the realm of literature and into the bottom of a wine bottle and pop culture, making for some serious quote-ables that come outta your wine-tinged lips.

Photo cred- Metropotam


Hangouts: Friends' dinner parties, resto-bars

Style: Comfy and agreeable, possibly sporting a back pack with lots of buttons on it

Overheard saying: "I brought cupcakes!" "If you speak out one more time, I swear to God..."

Out of all your friends, you're the nicest, warmest, and most caring. At the end of a course, you're the guy/gal who bring in a box of sweets for everyone to enjoy, most likely baked by your own two hands. Some friends may complain you can undermine them at times, especially when you use your now-practiced "teacher voice," something you can't really help, but they still love you anyway. Much like a real teacher, though, you can get serious when you need to, and you have no problem busting out your claws if anyone gets on your bad side or tried to harm one of your pals.

Photo cred- One Class


Hangouts: Bar-club hybrids, so as to study the varying levels of interactions and behavior

Style: A little stuffy/reserved, with the top button on shirts always done up

Overheard saying: "It's actually just a chemical reaction in your brain" "Just wait until I can prescribe pills"

You're brainy, and you let people know it, most often by analyzing their entire being/personality in an instant. Yes, you're kind of quick to judge, but most times your keen eye is pretty spot on. In dangerous hands, your ability to read through people makes you the ultimate player, able to work a room through your knowledge of human behaviour. Or, on the flip-side, you find people so easy to read and simple that you've developed some light misanthropic qualities, and you've slightly turned away from the party scene. Your straightforward and logical mind still needs to let off some steam now and then, however, which is when you'll consume enough alcohol to suppress your natural tendency to analyze everyone around you.

Photo cred- Tumblr


Hangouts:Dorm rooms, parents' basement

Style: What you wore in High School

Overheard saying: "Meh" "I'm just living life, get off my back"

You're in university, but what's the rush in latching yourself on to a subject that you may hate in two months time? Indecisive and a little flaky, you'd rather just ride the magical wave that is the student life and coast until third or fourth year, when things gets serious. Hopefully by then your laid back nature has stiffened up a bit, at least that's the plan. While most of your friends may judge you for not being as forward-thinking as them, they admire your ability to let go of life's stressors, and value you as the friend they can chill with who won't talk about school.

Studying for your major can get tough at times. Living atevo Montreal makes studying a bit less difficult and study breaks a bit more fun, check 'em out! Evo Montreal also gathers a whole lot of different students from different backgrounds and study programs- which makes getting to know in other faculties much easier! Be sure to LIKE evo Montreal on Facebook to get all the updates on their back- to- school WOW week events.

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