What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

How you sleep = how you act.
What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Sleep is when every person is at their most comfortable, unguarded, and emotionally raw. People tend not to say much during sleep, but your physical position when at rest can reveal enough about your personality. Without any conscious effort to mask sentiments or traits, people show their true selves when sleeping. Curious to see what your sleeping position says about you?

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Fetal Position

In the dead of night, your rought exterior sheds as you curl up into a cute cat-like ball. Despite being somewhat standoffish or nervous when awake, your sleeping position reveals your sensitive interior. At rest you can show your welcoming heart, because when you sleep so adorably, your just begging for a big spoon to cuddle you.

The Log (Sideways arms at sides)

Just as you are perfectly balanced on your side, those who take 'the log' sleeping position are similar well-adjusted and mild tempered. You give enough room for a partner to join you at either side, demonstrating your innate social comfort. Enjoying stability, both emotionally and socially, you tend to avoid extreme situations or intense confrontations.

The Yearner (Sideways arms outstretched)

Unlike log-people, those who sleep in the 'yearner' position are not nearly as trusting or inviting. While the two share a strong sense of rationality, yearners tend to be very guarded and do not trust others easily. You keep people at arms length, even though you wish for a strong mutual bond, and this is reflected in your subconscious physicality. When sleeping, your desire to connect is seen in your outstretched arms. Although you are guarded, you also aren't deceived easily and loathe liars.

The Corpse/Prone Position (Stomach down, head to one side)

Focused, but stubborn, those who sleep in the corpse/prone position are 'dead-set' in their beliefs. You have a precise way of doings things and feel it is the only method, often bordering on selfish. At times you can come off as sassy, but those who know you well can appreciate your inherent passion. Confident, direct, and strong-willed, you may get along great with some but hate others.

The Freefall/Royal Position (On back, arms outstretched)

Facing the world with arms open, freefall-sleepers have high self-confidence and are fully open to new experiences. Arms out, instead of to your sides, signifies your desire to help others, even ahead of yourself at times. Not wishing to be the focus of attention, you will place others first, which isn't always a good thing.

The Soldier (On back, arms at sides)

Quiet, reserved, and quite physical, soldier sleepers are named as such for a reason. Straightforward and to the point, you have a high energy and are usually pretty optimistic in your endeavours. Combined with a preoccupation for your looks, this can either be confidence or vanity. Soldier sleepers tend to place themselves at the center of attention, but are also always open to new experiences so are generally pretty fun to hang out with.

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