25 Montreal Restaurants Have Been Ranked Among The 100 Best In All Of Canada

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Canada is a country that has SOOO many restaurants making it seem nearly impossible to make it on their top 100 list. However, 25 of Montrealer's most spectacular restaurants have made it onto Canada's 100 best restaurants for 2017 and they will completely blow your mind!

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According to Canada's 100 Best, these 25 restaurants in Montreal have been voted on by food critics, leading Chefs, legendary restaurateurs, elite diners and food fanatics (view them here) to make it to the top 100. The voting data was computed by  KPMG Canada that ensure Canada’s 100 Best list remains independent and accurate. So, you 514% know that these restaurant below won't dissapoint and will deliver a superb service and mouth-watering dishes!

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