At about 9:50pm Monday night, a father was stabbed in front of his son while the two were walking on Mount Royal, reports CBC Montreal and other news outlets

The victim, 56, was with his son, 31, near the chalet atop Mount Royal when a random assailant temporarily blinded the two with a flashlight. 

The assailant, who’s identity is still unknown, then stabbed the father in the stomach, fleeing away on foot right after. 

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Shortly after the assault the father was in a stable condition, but after time passed and he was moved to the hospital, his condition grew steadily worse.

A spokesperson for the police told CBC that the father is in critical condition and may not survive. 

No motive has been attributed to the attack and police officials have said the stabbing was most likely random.  

The police are still searching for the attacker, scouring the Mount Royal park area this Tuesday morning. As of now, nothing has been found. 

Areas of Mount Royal, particularly the chalet, are being closed off by police who hope to catch the attacker fleeing the park. 

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