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An Aurora Borealis Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Week

A rare celestial event.

Today we received an alert that an Aurora Borealis may be visible over Montreal if conditions are favorable. 

Tonight, there will be a geomagnetic storm passing over North America which means many lucky areas will be able to see some northern lights in the sky. 

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However Auroras are very difficult to predict so if you want to spot one, you'll need a bit of luck and a lot of patience. The Space Weather Prediction Center will be posting 30 minutes forecast all day long right here

According to the latest update, this will be the path of the northern lights. 

Via swpc

This means that if you want a better chance to see the aurora, you will have to look lower on the horizon and you may have to head to an area where there is less light pollution.

Click here to see the latest updates.

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