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Canadian Hunter Gets Attacked By The Moose He Shot

You just brought a gun to moose fight!

Hunting isn't exactly the fairest sport in the world.

It's like playing dodge-ball, only instead of a ball, your opponent gets nothing, and you get a gun. 

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Still, hunting can be very dangerous, as one man experienced over the weekend. 

Rodney Buffett was out hunting near Grand Bank in Newfoundland on Saturday when he spotted a moose. He shot the animal twice and watched it fall to the ground. 

He slowly approached the animal, put his gun down and turned around to ask his fiance to bring him his knives.  Only when he turned back around, the moose was up on his feet standing over him.

The beast charged towards Buffett, threw him up in the air, and began trampling him while his fiancee watched helplessly.

Buffett managed to kick the moose in the forehead and the animal eventually ran off into the woods.

Via CBC / Rodney Buffett

He had to be airlifted to the hospital and somehow, he didn't break any bones. However but he did need stitches and staples in his head, hands and chest, and he got a big hoofprint on his forehead. 

Still, all of this hasn't discouraged Buffett from hunting. He hopes to be back in the woods by next weekend. 


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