There's an old video that's been resurfacing around the internet today, and we simply HAD to share it with you.

There’s ratchet, like getting into a WWE-style brawl in a McDonald’s on a Friday night.  And then there’s is-this-even-real ratchet, a status only afforded to a select few, like the guy who busts out a baby racoon at a WWE-style brawl in a McDonald’s.

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Yes, that did happen, and in Ottawa, no less.

A video of a massive fight that broke out at a Mcdonald’s on Ottawa’s Rideau Street (no clue as to why the brawl started) features something a little bit more peculiar than a brunch of bros trying to assert their fragile masculinity.

During the midst of the battle, around 38-seconds into the video, you can see an elderly gent casually whip out a baby racoon. Check it out below

Sporting a hoodie and a cigarette, the unknown person looks exactly someone who would be nestling an infant woodland creature beneath their sweater.

I didn’t know that was a “look” either, until I saw the guy bust out his raccoon friend for seemingly no reason at all.

The raccoon doesn’t get hurt, and after the initial whip-out the “owner” (whether or not this raccoon is a legitimate pet or not remains to be seen) puts his furry friend back under his shirt.

A bit of an old video (originally posted in December of 2014) the McDonald’s brawl is still newsworthy if only for the fact that more people need to know that a raccoon is not what you bring to a fight. The baby raccoon is super cute, though.

Also, can we please collectively ridicule the guy in the green-and-white striped hoodie who is basically just slapping people like a wuss around the 40-second mark. Poor fighting skills, bro.

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